Bitcoin scammers pretending to be police officers defraud Canadian locals – Bitcoin Scam News

Canada is yet again under the attack of the Bitcoin scammers. As reported, fraudsters are calling people impersonating the officers from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). They further accuse the victims of false debts and demand payments in Bitcoin. The country is seemingly growing into a hub of scams. Earlier this month, the Barrie region was targetted by the crooks who duped two citizens out of CAD worth $25,000.

The Canadian police have reported several cases of Bitcoin scam revolving in the country. The cops shed light on the Impersonation scam operation where the fraudsters are calling locals as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). They accuse the victims of acquiring false debts and request them to make payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Further, as this is done, the victims receive another call from a different individual claiming to be a police officer. The scammer provides false information, including fake batch numbers, and claims that the victim’s social security number has been employed to open multiple credit card accounts; however, the balances have not been paid.

Sergeant Aaron Roed from the Vancouver Police Department condemned such actions and said, “The non-emergency police line is for residents to use to report incidents to the police. The police will never call you from the non-emergency number and will never solicit payment. We ask that if you receive a call like this, you hang up immediately and spread the word to friends and family.”

Earlier this month, the Canadian police cautioned the citizens against the crypto scam outfit, where the fraudulent acts took over the region of Barrie. Reportedly, the crooks deceived two locals of CAD worth $25,000. The scammers demand payments in various ways, one being the need to pay following a failure of some prior amount. The caller asks victims to pay their ‘debt’ or can face a possible jail term.

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