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Cameron Winklevoss has cited 17 trillion reasons to own bitcoin. The co-founder of the Gemini exchange certainly sees the increasing amount of negative yield government debt as more than enough reason to buy the cryptocurrency. Winklevoss took to Twitter to state his opinion as the negative interest bonds may have major unintended consequences.

Cameron Winklevoss, one of the Gemini twins, has interestingly given 17 trillion reasons why you should own Bitcoin. Cameron sees the growing load of negative yield government debt as more than sufficient logic to possess the crypto coin. Posting on Twitter, the entrepreneur stated, “17 trillion dollars are currently held in negative interest bonds. Seventeen trillion reasons why you should own bitcoin.”

The amount referred by Cameron roughly rounds up to a quarter of the global bond market, majority of it government debt with negative yields. These negative interest rates stimulate further authority borrowing and may also impose unintended outcomes. In conclusion, Winklevoss’ advice to investors is not grave as he guides them not to pay the government.

Moreover, most of the central banks still hold low-interest rates. Hence, bitcoin does look like an appealing asset to invest in.

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