Joe Rogan says he “has a lot of hope” for cryptocurrencies.

In one of the recent episodes of his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan discussed the future of crypto with fellow podcaster Adam Curry. Rogan’s podcast has an estimated 11 million listeners per episode, despite Spotify’s attempts to censor some of the more offensive episodes. The podcast took the top spot as most popular on Spotify in 2021. 


Joe Rogan said cryptocurrencies could go either way.

The podcast interview host said, “It’s either going to fall apart completely, or we’re going to use this as an opportunity to right the ship and come up with a better way to live our lives.” Adam Curry is the host of the right-wing podcast “No Agenda,” which the mainstream media and medical community have criticized for promoting conspiracy theories. Curry explained that “there is a whole slew of young people who are just opting out, and they are moving to build parallel systems and parallel networks,” before adding, “I’m on the Bitcoin train because I believe my money is safer there.”


Rogan also discussed the “Silicon-Valley controlled” digital metaverse.

Joe Rogan and Curry also discussed the possibilities of a “Silicon-Valley-controlled” digital Metaverse and the potential role of NFTs in this space. Rogan theorized a future where companies develop their own digital tokens that customers would need to use to purchase their products. “Apple could easily do that,” Rogan said, “you would buy coins, and through those coins, you would buy products… It’s almost like another version of stocks or something.” However, his podcast guest Curry wasn’t convinced, saying “that’s not the plan,” and he expects powerful institutions and governments will instead set their sights on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).