Japanese tax authorities reveal crypto gains are being underreported.

Japan’s tax authorities have noted that $6 million in cryptocurrency gains have gone unreported in the Kanto region and that it will work towards stronger tax guidelines.

Japanese financial authorities are investigating instances of tax evasion stemming from cryptocurrency transactions, as revealed by Nikkei on Oct 3. According to the report, a total of 1.4 billion yen (roughly $6 million) has gone unaccounted for due to these transactions. Authorities carried out a large-scale investigation of crypto users in the Kanto region, learning that many individuals and companies were operating in legally gray areas.


Japanese tax authorities will focus on improving the taxation guidelines for the crypto market class.

Japanese tax authorities plan to focus on improving the taxation guidelines for the crypto market class to end crypto tax evasion. The cities scrutinized include Saitama, Tochigi, Gunma, Niigata, and Nagano. The report specifically mentions Cardano’s ADA token, which has experienced a tremendous price increase this year. The profits from this asset have led to many unreported gains this year. ADA is highly popular in Japan, with many citizens being some of the earliest investors in cryptocurrency.   


Governments continue to mull over crypto tax regulations.

Taxation of the crypto asset class has become one of the most pressing issues for governments. Japan has conducted six audits on the digital assets market, and ADA has reportedly been on the radar for many years. The increased scrutinization indicates that Japan is working on new regulations that will help prevent illicit activity. As reported earlier, South Korea has already released a tax guideline, as crypto is popular in the nation. Investors were aggrieved at the high taxation rate, but most citizens were happy to accept the new tax rules. It is unlikely that the crypto market will go untaxed for much longer. However, it will also be difficult for governments to come up with strongly enforceable rules.

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