J-Code Arrests 61, Seizes $4.5 Million in Crypto from Dark Web Traffickers

J-Code or the Joint Criminal Opioid and Darknet Enforcement team has arrested 61 people and seized around $4.5 million in cryptocurrency during the Operation SaboTor which targets the drug traffickers worldwide that operate on the dark web.


The J-Code comprises of organizations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Durg Enforcement Administration, Health and Safety Institution, Customs and Border Protection, United States Postal Inspection Service, Department of Defense in the United States and other international organizations. The operation SaboTor is the 2nd such operation after Operation Disarry which was organized last year which led to the arrest of 8 people involved in drug trafficking.


J-Code strikes Dark Web

J-Code arrested 61 drug traffickers and closed 50 accounts operating on the darknet that were performing illegal activities. The law enforcement team carried out sixty-five search warrants and around 299.5 kgs of drugs, fifty-one fire and ammunition along with $7 million cash were seized by them. Out of the $7 million, around $4.5 million is in cryptocurrency, $2.5 million cash and $40,000 worth of gold.


According to Christopher Wray, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, J-Code is heading the fight against online drug trafficking and monitoring the darknet.


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