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Inferno Drainer Ceases Operations After Facilitating $70M in Crypto Theft

Inferno Drainer, a notorious wallet-draining service implicated in approximately $70 million in crypto theft, has announced its cessation of operations.

Notorious Wallet-Draining Kit Exits Amidst Stolen Crypto Totalling $70M

Inferno Drainer, a prominent service enabling phishing scammers to steal cryptocurrency, has announced its shutdown in a telegram post, marking an end to its operations that contributed to pilfering nearly $70 million in digital assets this year. The closure, communicated through a Telegram post, signals the conclusion of a controversial chapter in the crypto scam-as-a-service landscape.

Transition Period for Users Amid Files and Infrastructure Retention

While the Inferno Drainer team declared its exit, it emphasized that essential files and infrastructure required to operate the wallet-draining service would be preserved. This decision aims to facilitate a "smooth transition" for users seeking alternatives. The post expressed gratitude to collaborators, positioning Inferno Drainer as a notable entity in the field.

Legacy of Crypto Theft and Rival Drainer Services

Inferno Drainer, active since early this year, gained infamy for its role in crypto theft, with reported incidents amounting to nearly $70 million from over 100,000 victims. Despite the shutdown, the legacy of stolen funds remains, underscoring the disruptive impact of such services. Rival drainer services, including Pink Drainer and Angel Drainer, continue to operate, with ongoing concerns about their impact on the crypto community.