How to list Token on exchange? Best exchanges for ICO tokens.

Decluttering the procedure to list Token on exchange.   


The cryptocurrency exchanges are the prominent players in order to stabilize the cryptocurrency market which is well known for its volatility. Basically, there are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges. The most dominant one, where 99% of all the cryptocurrency transactions is vested with the Centralised crypto exchanges. On the contrary, only 1% of the total transaction is managed by the decentralized exchanges. However centralized custodial cryptocurrency exchanges are highly vulnerable to attacks and this is self-evident from the Mt. Gox and Coincheck incidents. However, decentralized exchanges are on the rise as they absolutely comply with the actual version of Satoshi Nakamoto. Long story short, decentralized exchanges are the future of cryptocurrency trading. Let us see how exchanges are important for your ICO tokens and how to list token on exchange.


How Are Exchanges beneficial?

Since the cryptocurrencies are open source in nature, it has enabled the developers to come forward with their new cryptocurrencies. After the developer has initiated the Initial Coin Offering, funds would be collected and the tokens would be distributed to the customers. The developer then needs to list token on exchange whichever is highly reliable and trustworthy. This will officially make the cryptocurrency tokens to be available on the exchange after the ICO. According to some estimates, if the users list Token on exchange, then it would increase its popularity by at least 15 to 20%.  


So, let us understand the process to list token on Exchange.

1. The team members must need to find out the contact details of respective crypto exchange which might be providing direct application forms or needs to be contacted through the process of email.


2. Another predominant step to list token on Exchange is the references from the advisors.  The Advisors in the Crypto space have huge amounts of influence and therefore the cryptocurrency exchanges impart special attention to those proposals to list token on Exchange than a number of other incoming proposals.


3. Depending on the specific cryptocurrency exchange the requirements might also change. The cryptocurrency project needs to have a firm working model along with amazing business marketing strategies.


4. Many cryptocurrency exchanges even try to find out the background as well as legal compliances of all the team members before. undertaking any registration process into consideration as they completely want to disturb the hackers who illegally wants to secure access to them.

Also, there are certain predominant forms of cryptocurrency exchanges, which are highly reliable in nature. The below mentioned Crypto exchanges can be used to list token on Exchange.


1. is one of the most notable decentralized Crypto exchange, well known for the functionality of atomic swaps. It completely eliminates the requirement of a centralized authority in order to maintain the whole system.    


2. ShapeShift. io

Shapeshift is another most prominent decentralized peer to peer exchange which can be used to list token on Exchange.  the Crypto exchange offers highly reliable and quick transactional confirmations, which acts as an incentive to draw the people towards them.

3. Etherdelta

This particular cryptocurrency marketplace provides a provision to the user’s tokens predominantly based on ethereum to list Token on exchange. The decentralized exchange Etherdelta; predominantly supports trading for most of the ethereum based ERC20 tokens. However, due to a number of drawbacks and speculations with respect to the exchange, a number of alternatives have been found.

4. Blockonix

Blockonix publicly proclaimed that it is completely governed by the smart contracts and the members of the teams don’t on control the investor’s funds in any possible manner. Interesting reward mechanism is set within the community. For an instance, a 70% discount is available for this cryptocurrency users if the native token of the exchange is being applied for the transactions.  The users need to contact the team members which would enable them to list token on Exchange.

5. Idex

Idex has an amazing user interface when compared to the other decentralized crypto exchanges and is one of the most preferred options for the users too.



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