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Hong Kong SFC Takes Action Against Fake Crypto Exchange Websites

The Hong Kong SFC has blocked fake websites impersonating licensed crypto exchanges, urging investors to verify trading platforms and avoid sending money before verifying the counterparty's identity.

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong has cracked down on fake websites impersonating licensed cryptocurrency exchanges in the region. The regulator has identified and blocked several suspicious websites that were impersonating major local crypto trading platforms.

Targeted Exchanges and Websites

The SFC's action targeted websites impersonating two licensed crypto trading platforms in Hong Kong: OSL Digital Securities and Hash Blockchain Limited (HashKey). The fake domains included,,,,, and These websites were used by online perpetrators to deceive users and potentially engage in fraudulent activities.

Warning to Investors

The SFC has issued a warning to investors to be cautious and verify the authenticity of trading platforms. Investors are advised to check the SFC's public register of licensed persons and registered institutions, as well as the list of licensed virtual asset trading platforms, for information on licensed entities. Additionally, investors are urged to verify the identity of the counterparty before sending money or making any transactions.

Difficulty in Detecting Fake Websites

Detecting fake crypto websites can be challenging, especially for new visitors. Bartosz Barwikowski, a security expert at Hacken, noted that it might be particularly difficult for users accessing a website for the first time to determine its authenticity. He recommended relying on trusted third parties and mobile apps instead of websites, as they are harder to fake and can be verified through reviews.

Continued Vigilance Needed

The SFC's action highlights the importance of vigilance in the cryptocurrency space. As fraudulent activities become more sophisticated, investors and users must exercise caution and verify the authenticity of platforms before engaging in any transactions.