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Hong Kong SFC Issues Alert on Imposter Crypto Exchange Posing as MEXC

The Hong Kong SFC issues a warning about an imposter crypto exchange posing as MEXC, highlighting deceptive practices aimed at defrauding investors. Regulatory efforts intensify to combat fraudulent schemes in the cryptocurrency space.

Fraudulent Entity Deceives Investors

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has issued a warning alongside the local Police force regarding a fraudulent entity impersonating the well-known cryptocurrency exchange MEXC. This imposter is reportedly misleading potential investors and misappropriating funds.

Joint Operation with Police Force

In a recent statement, the Hong Kong SFC highlighted its collaboration with law enforcement in a joint operation aimed at monitoring and investigating virtual asset trading providers (VATP) involved in illicit activities. The regulator is intensifying efforts to combat fraudulent schemes within the cryptocurrency space.

Deceptive Practices Uncovered

The SFC revealed that the fraudulent entity, operating under the name 'MEXC,' is enticing investors to deposit funds into its bank account under the guise of making investments. However, investors encounter difficulties when attempting to withdraw their funds later on, suggesting deceptive practices aimed at defrauding unsuspecting individuals.

Identification of Suspect Websites

The SFC identified eight websites suspected of being associated with the fraudulent entity, all of which incorporate "MEXC" in their domain names. Examples include "" and "" The public is urged to exercise caution when encountering websites with similar domain names, as they may be part of ongoing fraudulent activities.

Regulatory Efforts to Protect Investors

The SFC's alert comes in the wake of increased scrutiny over the enforcement decisions made by the legitimate exchange MEXC. The regulator's ongoing efforts include publishing lists of licensed and unregulated virtual asset trading platforms to assist the public in identifying potentially fraudulent entities operating in Hong Kong's crypto market.

Amid Rising Concerns

This warning from the Hong Kong SFC underscores the importance of vigilance and due diligence when engaging in cryptocurrency transactions. As fraudulent schemes evolve, regulatory authorities remain vigilant in safeguarding investors and maintaining the integrity of the financial market.