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Hacking Group Anonymous will investigate Do Kwon crimes

The world’s most notorious hacking organization, Anonymous, posted a video on YouTube and issued a direct warning to Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon.

On June 26, Anonymous’ YouTube Channel uploaded a video declaring war on Kwon, co-founder of Terraform Labs. In the video, the hacker organization talks about the events related to the collapse of Turkey.

At the same time, Anonymous announced that it would “go to the end ” of the matter and demanded that Do Kwon goes to jail as soon as possible.

In the released video, Anonymous revealed all the recent events that the press has been talking about, including Do Kwon, pocketing $80 million a month.

Anonymous said that if it was a mistake or an accident, that was acceptable, but Terra’s downfall was real, “a preparation.”

The international activist believes the founder of Terraforms Labs should be responsible for defrauding billions of dollars from investors. At the same time, Anonymous brought up the arrogant times when Kwon criticized and belittled projects and their competitors as if they would never fail.

Anonymous also mentioned the Basic Cash algorithmic stablecoin project Do Kwon took over before Terra. This project failed after only a few months of release.

The last Post he left for Kwon do in the video:

“If you are listening, do Kwon. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to reverse the damage you have done. The only thing we can do at this point is to hold you accountable and ensure that you surrender to justice as soon as possible.”

The Korean state is still investigating Terraform Labs. In the final move, the country authorities summoned the organization’s operations personnel and programmers to a special investigative team to serve the process.