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GPay customers can buy Cryptocurrencies on

Thanks to’s integration of its payment options into GooglePay, users now have another way to access the cryptocurrency markets.

The App cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform will soon include an in-app Google Pay purchase option, allowing users to quickly and securely acquire cryptocurrencies.

The new feature will be introduced by the cryptocurrency exchange next week. The platform’s latest update indicates that Android users will have the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies using Google Pay as a payment method.

Mobile users can easily and quickly purchase in-app goods. Customers can make payments using their Android watches, tablets, or smartphones.

If the tech giants have long scrutinized this sector with astonishment, it is clear that they can no longer ignore it. For several months, Google has been stepping up its actions to tackle the crypto universe.

When the integration goes live the following week, users who have linked their Google account to a credit or debit card can choose the payment option while on the app. Google Pay is estimated to be used by more than 100 million users worldwide.