Gold advocate Peter Schiff loses access to his bitcoin wallet.

Long-time bitcoin critic and gold advocate Peter Schiff revealed that he lost access to his bitcoins after his wallet stopped recognizing the password.

The CEO of Euro Capital and a well-known bitcoin critic, Peter Schiff revealed that he lost access to all his bitcoins after his digital wallet stopped recognizing the password. He tweeted that his wallet got corrupted somehow, and his password is no longer valid.


“Owning bitcoin was a bad idea.”

It was probably shocking to many that harsh critic of bitcoin had stacked some bitcoin, but he revealed that they were gifted to him, and he does not regret losing them. But he took the opportunity to bash the leading cryptocurrency once again. He said that he knew owning bitcoin was a bad idea, but he did not realize it was that bad. He further added that his plan was to HODL and go down with the ship, but his ship sank before bitcoin.


Crypto community responds:

Co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, replied to Peter Schiff’s tweet saying, the same thing happens to your email if you are irresponsible and forget your password. Another user jokingly replied that that is how he lost his gold stash once. He buried it in the woods and forgot to write down the coordinates, he added. Blockchain.Com also replied to Peter’s tweet, reassuring him that his funds are secured.

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