Famous Food Delivery Service in Seoul now accepts Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This week Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fans were satisfied to hear another outstanding merchant is currently supporting BCH for payments. The South Korea-based food dispatch stage called Shuttle Delivery presently acknowledges BCH for way to-entryway feast conveyances all through the Seoul district.

Food Service Shuttle Delivery in South Korea Presently Acknowledges Bitcoin Cash

Seoul-Based Food Delivery Service Presently Acknowledges Bitcoin Cash. People visiting and occupants of the Seoul district in South Korea would now be able to utilize bitcoin cash to pay for delectable cooking conveyed straight to their entryway. The firm, Shuttle Delivery, is a South Korean food delivery stage that individuals can use to arrange suppers with their cell phones. The application is accessible in Korean and English and for both Android cell phones and iOS also. Shuttle Delivery acknowledges customary Visas and Paypal as well as yesterday, on September 16, a site refresh uncovered that it offers full bitcoin cash acknowledgment. The Shuttle Delivery application interfaces BCH clients in South Korea to 200+ nearby restaurants.

“Shuttle Delivery gives delivery services from an assortment of Seoul’s best restaurants,” clarifies the organization’s site. “So you can appreciate the best food in the solace of your home, office, or wherever you happen to be! We offer a completely bilingual service where customers can put arranges in either English or Korean (한국어).”


The wide assortment of restaurants accessible to arrange from utilizing Shuttle Delivery incorporates nearby Korean, American Flame broil, Italian, Indian, Veggie lover, Turkish, and European food.

BCH fans on r/btc were elated to catch wind of Shuttle Delivery accepting bitcoin cash for way to-entryway food delivery. One BCH supporter composes that they are satisfied to not need to utilize a Mastercard to purchase food for relatives.

“This is decent,” says the BCH advocate u/ricardotown on Reddit.

I can now globally purchase food for my in-laws without kissing Visa’s ring.

Shuttle Delivery in South Korea isn’t the main dinner transport service that acknowledges bitcoin cash. The stage Takeaway.com additionally acknowledges BCH which and it interfaces more than 30,000+ restaurants all through Europe and Vietnam to bitcoin cash customers. This incorporates the notable online German food commercial center Lieferando.de, an auxiliary of Takeaway.