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Ethereum Ready For Proof Of Stake : Merge Test Successful

The last major Ethereum testnet “Gorli” was successfully put on Proof of Stake. The merge simulation ran without any major complications, and the way for the consensus change on the main chain expected in mid-September seems clear. The price increase for ether today is correspondingly large: eleven percent, which brings ETH back close to the 2,000 mark.

Ethereum Merge Showdown

The long-awaited transition from Ethereum to Proof of Stake is heating up. After a few test runs, merging the Ethereum Blockchain with the Proof-of-Stake-based Beacon Chain passed the final endurance test on Gorli with a few fractions.

According to Ethereum developer Marius van der Wijden “there was a bit of confusion on the network” because of many “non-updated nodes.” Apart from that, things look “quite good so far.” Developer “Superphiz” spoke in advance of a “big milestone.

Now the results are evaluated before the Ethereum mainchain’s turn. The Ethereum foundation has not yet announced an official date. According to “Superphiz,” it could end on September 19th.

After the merge, the following upgrades focus on increasing the performance of the blockchain. With Layer 2 solutions that relieve the main chain by outsourcing transactions, Ethereum’s scaling deficit should be solved in the long term.