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Ethereum developers ease the obsession of selling

The Ethereum All-Core Developer meeting ended late on August 18 as developers prepared for the upcoming Merge. They discussed many important issues, including the consequences of sanctions imposed on Tornado Cash. The developers also discussed the issues that have arisen since the Merge testnet testnet for the Ethereum PoS transition.

Reporter Christine Kim and core developer Tim Beiko shared insights about the ACD command. Beiko further confirmed that Merge will launch on September 15, with Total Terminal Difficulty (TTD) now confirmed. However, this date can fluctuate according to network hashrate changes
We discussed TTD placed in CL order last week. Despite some slight fluctuations in hashrate, the ETA for 58750000000000000000000 is still around 9/15, so we agree to stay the same. In short, TTD is confirmed!”.

Merge event is near

Beiko added that the command covers “all things Merge as well as MEV-Boost and protocol-level censorship.” It also addresses a lot of the “more moderate governance questions” surrounding Ethereum.

Tim Beiko also updated on the impending Sepolia Merge, which was originally scheduled to take place on August 18 but was delayed to August 21 due to some validators going offline. Developer Micah Zoltu raises more pressing questions in the command. First, Zoltu raised concerns surrounding the censorship of transactions on Ethereum by ME…

Where will go in there

The details show that the preparations for the Merge implementation are in full swing, according to many Ethereum developers. The final pressure to release Merge is a heavy burden for them as the event has been delayed several times in recent months.

On the price front, ETH was hit hard during the August 19 sell-off. According to CoinMarketCap, the largest altcoin by capitalization lost key support after falling below $1,600 and losing 3% in the past 24 hours.