ETH to USD: Ethereum Price Analysis, Going back to $140?

Technical Indicators:

Support Level: $150

Resistance Levels: $160, $165


Key Points:

Ethereum price crashed sharply after reaching up to $180.

During the downward momentum, $170 and $165 support levels were broken.

A bearish pattern is being formed with resistance around $160 which might lead to a sharp downfall.

Ethereum price will most likely move towards $150 range before it could start correcting upwards.


Ethereum Price Analysis:

Summary: Ethereum price crashed hard below $160 after rising up to $180 resistance level. If ETH falls below $150 support, it might crash to $140 level soon.

After showing bullish momentum for the past few days (following bitcoin), Ethereum price faced a massive amount of resistance around $180 which led to a significant crash which broke through $170, $165 and $160 support levels which were very crucial for further gains. ETH was moved below the 100 hourly SMA and also traded as low as $153.

Ethereum price is currently facing a lot of selling pressure and it might test $150 support level soon before it could start an upward move. If however, the $150 support is broken, ETH might fall back towards $140 range. Also, it is very essential for Ethereum to clear through $165 resistance level in order to become bullish again. A bearish pattern is also being formed on the hourly chart with resistance around $160.

ETHUSD Price Chart 5 April
ETH/USD Price Chart 5 April

The chart shows that Ethereum price is correcting downwards and might fall below $150. It is very essential to settle above $160 and $165 resistance levels in order to remain bullish otherwise the momentum might turn bearish again.



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