Dogecoin soars $80% to a new all-time high as celebrity adoption continues.

Dogecoin has reentered the top ten and marked a new all-time high at $0.14 as celebrity adoption continues.

A month after NBA team Dallas Mavericks began accepting Dogecoin payments for tickets and other products, the team’s owner, Marck Cuban, said they have sold more than 120,000 DOGE in merchandise and vowed to hold the meme coin. The celebrity adoption of meme-based crypto continues with the US restaurateur Guy Fieri. As a result, DOGE has skyrocketed by almost 80% in a day to a new all-time high of roughly $0.14.


NBA team Dallas Mavericks boost Dogecoin. 

Following the massive craze around the Shiba Inu meme-based coin, perhaps started by Tesla’s Elon Musk, numerous celebrities came on board. The billionaire investor and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban was among them. He went even further by implementing Dogecoin payments for tickets and merchandise for his NBA team – the Dallas Mavericks. Currently, Cuban emphatically answered the question of why his team has chosen DOGE with “because we can.” Earlier today, Cuban provided an update on how the Dogecoin initiative is going on his Twitter account, indicating that the Mavs have sold “more than 122k DOGE in merchandise.” 


Dogecoin skyrockets 70% in the last 24 hours. 

Earlier, the well-known American restaurateur, author, and Emmy Award-winning TV presenter, Guy Fieri, also joined the craze by posting a picture of himself in a Shiba Inu-themed space suit with a comment “rolling out to the MOON.” The meme coin is prone to massive sudden price spikes following endorsements. So far, Elon Musk’s influence has arguably impacted the token’s value the most. Tesla CEO has been untypically silent on the matter now. Nevertheless, DOGE has skyrocketed in the past 24 hours by more than 70%. The cryptocurrency traded below $0.085 yesterday, but the impressive increase drove it to new highs. As a result, Dogecoin broke its previous all-time high and marked a new record at just shy of $0.14.

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