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Do Kwon Spoke Out, Fatman Accused The Journalist

Coinage Media interviewed Do Kwon about the aftermath of the Terra Luna crash. In the trailer, Kwon opens:

“Terra is supposed to be a stablecoin and cannot maintain stability. So it’s a scam. Crypto is still like the wild west. I think I’ve grown as an alternate self.”

When asked by Coinage Media co-founder Zack Guzmán if he would like to retract his previous comments, Kwon replied:

“Yes, but algorithmic stablecoins are starting to become the industry standard. I made a big bet, and I think I lost.”

Do Kwon defend himself
Kwon was also asked to defend himself against the cheating allegations during the interview. However, watching the interview was not as easy as initially thought. To view the full version, NFT must be downloaded for free.

Some users reported trying to connect wallets to get “free NFTs” but failed to view them.

Coinage Media cites a case where Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes knew her technology wasn’t working but went ahead to sell it. Theranos became famous when it introduced machines that the company claimed could identify various diseases through a single drop of blood. Of course, that technology is just wishful thinking. The interview teaser claims Kwon will address allegations that he is the male version of Holmes.

The failure of the Terra ecosystem had serious and widespread consequences across the industry, causing investors to suffer huge losses. One of Terra’s co-founders, Daniel Shin, was recently raided at his home by South Korean prosecutors.

“Do Kwon spoke up. Episode 0: Digging Deep Behind Crypto Space’s Biggest Crash With Founder Terra Do Kwon Coming Monday, August 15th,” Coinage tweeted.

FatMan claims to be an insider of the Terra project and leaked many documents related to the ecosystem collapse. He commented on the interview with Kwon:

“Why not interview with a more neutral and reputable party like Bloomberg or Fortune instead of someone who has been praising you for years, as if he was being paid to do so? And will you explain the billions of dollars you pulled out of the system?”

Fatman also added :

“I suppose you’re not ‘protecting Terra,’ but putting Terra and Do Kwon ‘up to the cloud nine’ for a very long time, turning a blind eye to their weaknesses and acting like a flatterer. Sing when appropriate. I respect you, but I don’t think any journalist would agree that you are the most neutral person here.”