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What is the difference between Handshake, Unstoppable & Quik Domains

Let's compare three different platforms to mint NFT domain names, namely, Handshake domains, and Quik.

Web3 domains are growing at a fast pace as web3 gets better normalized with every passing day. There is a growing market for them as they are the building blocks of decentralized websites and will be at the forefront of how the internet is built and interacted in the near future. Let’s compare three different platforms to mint NFT domain names, namely, Handshake domains, and

We will try and learn how each of them works, and analyze their differences. Let’s see what each of them is all about for a start.

What are Handshake domains?

Handshake domains is a decentralized public registry built on blockchain technology. They have a unique approach to how domains are owned. Simply put they offer NFT domain names in a way where they aren’t controlled by any third-party traditional organization hence creating a safe, secure and free control over the NFT domain name that you own.

The naming system allows you to integrate conventional names onto the blockchain too while also having the benefits that you would get with their ecosystem.

Currently their list of TLDs include:

  • .creator
  • .elite
  • .illp
  • .oh
  • .oo
  • .oot
  • .orb
  • .p
  • .pgp
  • .saas
  • .sox

The point to be noted here is that this is a tentative list open for additions later on. These crypto domains are also non-readable on conventional browsers and require either a Web3 browser or additional setup systems on normal browsers. This additional setup, though not available through their ecosystem at the moment, maybe added as they progress.

Nevertheless, there are multiple other third-party resolvers that would allow you to easily use your NFT domain names from Handshake. It is important to note that handshake is not essentially a marketplace for NFT domain names. Even though you can mint domains and even offer a price to listed domain names on other marketplaces or directly to the owners, there is no P2P trading system in their ecosystem.

What are Unstoppable domains?

Unstoppable domains is another domain name marketplace that allows its users to easily acquire mint and acquire NFT domain names. They have a list of TLDs that are .crypto

  • .NFT
  • .x
  • .wallet
  • .bitcoin
  • .dao
  • .888
  • . coin
  • .zil

These are of course tentative and can be expanded in the future. They have a search mechanism where users can search for their preferred NFT domains and then mint them to own them. There is no additional renewal or hidden fee and once the domain is minted the ownership is individual.

The NFT domains here are listed for minting and selling but the users are not able to buy through a P2P mechanism. This means that if there is an NFT domain name that has already been minted then the user will have to see if the NFT domain name is listed for sale on a third-party platform such as and then contact the owner from there. This complicates the process a bit. Other than that, the NFT domains are quite diverse and allows its users to make use of them in the ecosystem in a number of ways.

The only setback that Unstoppable domains have is that they have a large number of reserved domains and also the fact that the users have to log on to third-party websites in order to purchase domains that have been already minted.

What is is a simple NFT domain name marketplace that offers its users a user-friendly way of acquiring NFT domains. There is a unique list of TLDs to choose from that includes

  • .metaverse
  • .vr
  • .chain
  • .address
  • .I
  • .bored
  • .doge
  • .shib
  • .btc
  • .web3

Here as well, the list is tentative and is open to expansion as the ecosystem moves forward. has a robust search mechanism that allows users to search for their preferred domain name connected to their favorite TLD and then mint them depending on their availability. Users can then store their NFT domain names on their crypto wallets.

The unique feature of over other marketplaces is its P2P Marketplace. Users can list their crypto domains on the website and receive offers on the ecosystem itself. Another highlight of the platform is its chrome extension which will soon be released. The chrome extension will allow its users to host decentralized websites on the web3 and also browse the web3 for other decentralized websites.

Other utilities include the replacement of hexadecimal crypto wallet addresses to human-readable NFT domain name forms. This will allow users to have a seamless transaction experience. That’s not all, as progresses, the utilities will only increase in number and users will be able to do a lot more with their NFT domain names.

Handshake, Unstoppable, and domains. A comparison

Although all three of the platforms offer their users a way to acquire and use their NFT domain names, goes one step further and inculcates all utilities and services under one website. Be it the P2P marketplace or a way to host decentralized websites right through the ecosystem, makes it simpler, easier, and all put in one place, which makes it a much more desirable option than the others.

It is also important to note that all of these platforms provide a different set of TLDs when it comes to the NFT domain name extensions. This may make you choose between the three so choose wisely. Either way, we are all moving towards the Web3 and the internet of tomorrow so acquiring an NFT domain name is always a big win. Have you gotten yours yet? If not, why delay?