Did 50 Cent make Millions from Bitcoin?

Revealing the truth behind the rumors of 50 Cent making huge profits out of his Bitcoin deal. 50 Cent is a popular hip-hop start with a history of wrong decisions. Then how did he end up in the Bitcoin market?

Did 50 cents make Millions from Bitcoins?

The cryptocurrency market might be stagnant for months, but some things haven’t changed yet. One of these things is the growing interest of people in it. 

People still consider making money by investing in Bitcoin.

If reports are to be believed, the same thing happened with the famous hip-hop artist 50 Cent.

Sources confirm that 50 Cent has indulged in money-making from Bitcoin.


50Cent and His financial problems!

There is a striking similarity between 50 Cent and the Bitcoin market at this point o time. Both have run out of demand. In the past few times, 50 Cent is unable to fulfill the market demand, but that doesn’t snatch away his popularity. He always had this craze about him in the audience.

But who doesn’t encounter bad times? 50 Cent also had them.

While he was on top of the charts, he was in a financial crisis also. His poor decisions lcryead him there.

He leaked a woman’s sex tape online, and when found legally guilty, he was asked o pay $5 million court fine. To worsen the situation, he was stuck in a legal battle over unpaid child support. Things started deteriorating, and soon he was under a $32.5 million debt.

He filed for personal bankruptcy. It came as shocking news for the fans because once he had the net worth $150 million.

His mistakes are a lesson for others. He was a hip-hop star with immense popularity, but he initiated his downfall himself.


Rumors about his investment in Bitcoins

There is a history of unusual decisions with 50 Cent. One of them includes demanding payment in Bitcoins for his 2014 album.

Beyonce once did the same. She was paid in UBER shares, and that was a total win for her. 

Now there is news that 50 Cent have also made an enormous profit out of his Bitcoin deal—a gain of whopping $8 million.

However, sooner we found the reality. The news was a rumor. 50 Cent said in a statement that neither ha made any profit out of Bitcoin and not he owned them.

But the new question is, why did he not clear these rumors when they started? Why now?


Celebrities and their Bitcoin Investments

Despite being a volatile platform to invest in, Celebrities are taking the risk. Many celebrities have made their investment in the digital market. But no king of huge profit is witnessed till yet. 

Richard Sherman regrets crashing off his Bitcoins as he believed that he could have made more profit out of them. 

Many others are risking their money in the hope of a huge profit

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