CryptoViral releases its new logo based on the Golden ratio

The crypto news aggregator, CryptoViral, revealed its new logo that is based on the eye-pleasing golden ratio. The crypto news aggregator is among the best news aggregator that provides all crypto-related news at one place.

The crypto news aggregator, CryptoViral, released its new logo that is based on the symbol of the golden ratio.

In mathematics terms, two quantities are in the Golden Ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the quantities. The golden ratio pattern is found in several places in the universe, including the shape of our galaxy.

golden ratio


CryptoViral- The ultimate crypto news aggregator

The crypto industry has come a long way in the last decade as bitcoin continues on its path to becoming mainstream. If you are a serious crypto trader or a crypto enthusiast, then keeping up to date with the happenings in the industry can be a tough task. CryptoViral saves you the trouble of constantly switching tabs as it brings all the crypto news in one place. It keeps users up to date with the happenings in the industry. 


Updates from Twitter and Reddit

Most of the news in today’s world are first reported on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. CryptoViral has a special section of the webpage dedicated to updates from Twitter and Reddit that saves the trouble of switching tabs to keep up to date from the happening in the crypto industry. This feature makes the CryptoViral best among its competitors. 


Real-time notifications 

Users have the option to subscribe to real-time notifications on CryptoViral of a particular cryptocurrency to keep up to date and never miss any news. The crypto news aggregator is the most convenient way to remain up to date with the happenings in the crypto industry. 


Track cryptocurrency of your interest 

Currently, there are nearly 3,000 coins that are being traded in the crypto market. CryptoViral users can select the coin of their interest and add to the main index that is listed on the right corner of the webpage. This feature allows users to choose a coin that they are interested in and track it without much difficulty and switching tabs.


CryptoViral’s new logo based on Golden Ratio:

CryptoViral’s new logo is pleasing to eyes as it is based on the most recurring design in the universe. The designs based on the golden ratio are naturally pleasing to the eyes as this number is used in creating proportions for architectures, paintings, sculptures, photography, etc. CryptoViral has used this pattern to make its logo. 


Services that CryptoViral provides: 

  1. Crypto News from different trusted sources
  2. Latest updates from social media platforms
  3. Track Cryptocurrency of your interest
  4. Report a piece of news as FUD. 



CryptoViral is the ultimate crypto and blockchain news as it provides several unique features that no other bitcoin news aggregator provides. If you are a crypto trader or a crypto enthusiast, keeping up to date with the latest happenings in the industry is much easier with the CryptoViral. 

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