Cryptocurrency Market Cap drops sharply. Is Bitcoin Dead?

The cryptocurrency market crash of this year will be remembered throughout the lifetime by the whole community especially the current week. Bitcoin price fell up to $4000 which is the worst fall of the year.


The market cap fall

The cryptocurrency market capitalization has fallen approximately $700 Billion this year. Talking about the current week after prominent coins fell up to 70% in just a matter of days, analysts are predicting that bitcoin may fall to $3000 this month end if the most major support of $4000 is broken and may even fall up to $2500. Not only bitcoin, but all major altcoins including XRP, Ethereum, and Litecoin, are all experiencing a massive decline in pricing. The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was around $830 in January this year and now it is only about $140.


Share Market is riding on the same boat:

The shares markets are experiencing an even worst scenario with over $1.3 Trillion lost in just this week. Major global shares have fallen down including industry giants such as Apple, Goldman Sachs, and General Electric.


Bitcoin Hash Wars: Mining at huge losses

Both sides of the bitcoin cash hard fork are mining at magnificent losses according to Bitmex, a cryptocurrency derivatives platform who revealed about the same in a tweet:


Both the teams – Bitcoin ABC led by Roger Ver and Bitcoin SV led by Craig Wright AKA ‘Faketoshi’ are said to be mining with huge losses amounting to approximately $278,000 and $439,221 per day respectively and which is likely being met by a large amount of BTC sellings. A third team which is being considered as ‘neutral’ known as Bitcoin Unlimited is being led by Andrew Clifford. The hash wars are being considered as a major reason for the start of the cryptocurrency market downfall.



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