Crypto fan stand-up comedian Norm Macdonald dies at 61 from cancer.

Canadian-born stand-comedian Norm Macdonald passed away at the age of 61. Cryptocurrency fan Norm battled cancer for almost a decade in private. The comedy genius had tweeted several times about cryptocurrency and encouraged people to get educated about the technology. The comedy genius who constantly joked about death and cancer kept his illness from everyone, including friends and family. Norm is best known for his stint on Saturday Night Live, where he hosted Weekend Update for three years. 


Norm studied crypto eight hours a day for six months. 

The host of Norm Macdonald Has Show on Netflix had tweeted earlier this year to inform his followers that he understood crypto completely. He tweeted that he studied crypto eight hours a day for six months and now completely understands the underpinning of crypto. Apparently ‘it was one of the most edifying moments’ for the legendary joke teller. He encouraged his followers to do the same and hoped that they get the same results as he did. When asked about how long he is thinking of holding bitcoin, he replied, “forever.” 


Bitcoin holder’s battle with cancer ended in a draw. 

When Norm died on 14th September, cancer in his body also died at the same time. So as the comedian had put it himself, “the battle with cancer ended in a draw.” Considered to be by almost all of his peers as ‘one of the greatest comedians” who ever lived, Norm was supposed to appear on The Rekt Podcast to talk about his interest in crypto. But it did not happen. 

Norm was also a known gambler and had told many stories about how he lost his entire net worth to gambling more than once. He had also tweeted about using cryptocurrency to play online poker back in 2109. The crypto community has lost one of the major voices that talked about crypto without any reservation.