Coronavirus cases cross 2.3 million as this global pandemic makes businesses bearish

The entire world is in a state of turmoil as the worldwide epidemic has spread to approximately 180 countries. This has resulted in more than 2.3 million cases and at least 158,600 deaths across the world.

Trump hints that Texas and Vermont will reopen on Monday:

The president of the US, Donald Trump, has mentioned that Texas and Vermont will start their usual activities from Monday as the restrictions shall be lifted. This is done despite the rising cases witnessed in the US. 


Healthcare workers and doctors demanding more Personal Protection Equipment:

As there is a massive shortage of Personal Protection Equipment, the doctors and other Healthcare workers take it to the streets to demand a safer working environment for every single Healthcare worker.


Walmart makes masks compulsory for every employee:

To fight against the global pandemic, the CEO of Walmart has circulated a report which stated that every worker and employee should wear a mask. 


The gym and fitness industry fly close to bankruptcy as the pandemic rises further:

The fitness clubs forced to shut down to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus. These clubs are shut from the past one month as this is resulting in a significant loss of customers. 


World cruise which began before pandemic nears the end of the odyssey:

The luxury cruise, which started before the pandemic, is coming to an end of their odyssey after spending 15 weeks at sea. This cruise is heading towards the port of Italy and Spain.


Lady Gaga’s One World: Together concert at home

Lady Gaga has partnered up with the World Health Organisation to conduct a star-studded six-hour concert to raise funds for battling Coronavirus. Many performers like Jimmy Fallon, Billie Eilish, John Legend will be showing up. 


How to get a refund on travel and other tickets booked before the times of pandemic? 

Every family would have made plans for the summer, from chilling in the beaches of Hawaii to adventurous backpacking across Europe. But unfortunately, this pandemic has put a halt to all of that. Now, to get a refund on the tickets booked, many guides share tips that can be found on the respective websites.


Canada and US to extend border restriction further for another month:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (1) and US President Donald Trump (2) have agreed to close the border movement for another month. This is done to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus. 


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