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Coinbase Transfers Customer and Corporate USDC Balances to Base

Coinbase announces the transfer of customer and corporate USDC balances to its Ethereum layer-2 blockchain, Base. This move is expected to improve fund management and security while reducing fees and settlement times.

Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its decision to shift more of its customer and corporate USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin accounts to Base, its Ethereum layer-2 blockchain. This move, which comes over seven months after Base's launch, is aimed at enhancing the management and security of customer funds while reducing fees and settlement times, according to Coinbase vice president Max Branzburg.

On-Chain Transition:

The migration of USD Coin accounts to Base will primarily impact users, with no changes affecting Coinbase Wallet users, who are responsible for their private keys. Currently, tokens held by users are custodied by Coinbase in a wallet secured by multiparty computation.

Future of On-Chain Finance:

David Hoffman, co-host of the Bankless podcast, sees Coinbase's move as a significant step toward a future on-chain financial system. This sentiment was echoed by Bankless co-host Ryan Sean Adams, who believes the move will set a precedent for other cryptocurrency exchanges and banks.

Centralization Concerns:

Despite the positive outlook, some, like user "callmeKappa.algo," have raised concerns about Base's current level of centralization. As it stands, Coinbase is the sole sequencer of Base, giving it full control over the chain. However, Coinbase has expressed its commitment to gradually decentralizing Base over time.

Base's Growth and Development:

Since its launch in August 2023, Base has rapidly gained traction as an Ethereum scaling solution. It uses optimistic rollups to store transaction data off-chain, submitting transactions to Ethereum's base layer. The recent surge in Base's daily transactions and new user numbers underscores its growing importance in the Ethereum ecosystem.


Coinbase's decision to move customer and corporate USDC balances to Base reflects its confidence in the platform's capabilities. As Base continues to evolve and decentralize, it could play a pivotal role in shaping the future of on-chain finance.