China will take over the global economy with its gold-backed cryptocurrency says Max Keiser – China Cryptocurrency News

Max Keiser insisted on Kitco News that China's cryptocurrency will be gold-backed. The broadcaster stresses that if China does launch the DCEP with gold-backing, it will take over the global economy. The prevalent bitcoin bull opined that gold and bitcoin would continue to hike, and the dollar might collapse to zero like every other fiat coin. Keiser supports BTC to rise to $100k or even higher.

The famous American broadcaster, Max Keiser, dropped a bolt from the blue on Kitco News as he stated that China’s soon-to-be-launched cryptocurrency, DCEP, is about to be gold-backed intended to destroy the government note.

Keiser states that if China does release a gold-back coin, the dollar will go down like any other fiat currency, and China will conquer the world economy. Being a bitcoin supporter, he also mentioned that simultaneously, bitcoin and gold would witness a surge. Max also added that bitcoin is a superior form of money as its transactions are also a settlement. “When you do a bitcoin transaction, the transaction is the settlement, which makes it better money than gold and fiat.”

The broadcaster also slammed the US regulators claiming that they will eventually lag in the crypto sector.

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