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Charlie Lee Vs Roger Ver, on the term: Bitcoin Cash



Roger Ver bantered with Charlie Lee, the maker of Litecoin about Lee's explanation behind not considering Bitcoin Cash as the real Bitcoin.

As of late, Roger Ver, Chief Executive Office of bantered with Charlie Lee, the maker of Litecoin [LTC] about Charlie Lee’s explanation behind not considering Bitcoin Cash as the real Bitcoin.

Charlie Lee uncovered that he doesn’t like the term ‘Bitcoin Cash‘ due to the confusion it makes in the community, with a few people alluding to it as the first Bitcoin [BTC]. He stated:

“For language, confusion is bad. If a merchant says I said Bitcoin and the person buying whatever product says, you said Bitcoin Cash and the merchant will be like, I said Bitcoin and Cash. Is that what you mean? And then it gets confusing. And if the sender sends Bitcoin Cash, the merchant didn’t get it because he only accepts Bitcoin. It’s just not good for communication.”

Charlie Lee further included that an individual from the community recommended to term Bitcoin Cash as ‘BCash’ due to the confusion. This was trailed by Roger Ver guaranteeing that changing in terminology was a “deliberate online networking control crusade”.  Roger Ver kept on saying that the Bitcoin community purposely registered Bitcoin Cash as BCash on Reddit, Twitter, and other platforms.

Roger Ver stated:

“It was an intentional effort to have the name of Bitcoin Cash become BCash and to steer all people that were looking into that particular fork or that particular version of Bitcoin.”

In light of this announcement, Charlie Lee talked about endeavoring to proliferate Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin. He stated:

“On the other side, there is a campaign to steer Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin. And to confuse people to saying, from to saying Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. From Bitcoin’s Twitter account to saying Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin”

Roger Ver reacted by saying that he isn’t associated with the Bitcoin Twitter handle. He proceeded to state that the community on the internet trust that he is associated with the account regardless of him not owning or paying for the account. This was trailed by Charlie Lee expressing that he doesn’t trust that Roger Ver is associated with the Twitter account.

Roger Ver additionally solicited Charlie Lee’s definition from Bitcoin, to which he expressed that it was “what most of the general population” thought. He additionally expounded by giving a case of word ‘Crypto’ and how it was called cryptography preceding the landing of cryptocurrency. As indicated by Charlie Lee, time changes a considerable measure of things and it was critical to pursue the agreement. He included:

“So if you stick to the old definition of crypto, you can confuse people and that’s not good. So, if Bitcoin Cash eventually does become Bitcoin then everyone will call that Bitcoin and not Bitcoin Cash.”

As per Roger Ver, the genuine Bitcoin was the one that fulfilled the hidden major characteristics which were said in the Bitcoin whitepaper. The major characteristics were: P2P Electronic Cash Framework, Low Expenses, Quick Installments, Solid Installments, On Chain Scaling, Non-Reversible Installments, Chain of computerized marks, Operation Codes Empowered, SHA-256. Roger Ver expressed that Bitcoin [BTC] neglected to fulfill eight of these criteria, though Bitcoin Cash [BCH] neglected to fulfill one criterion.


Is misleading people to buy BCH instead of Bitcoin?



Roger Ver is misleading people to buy BCH rather than BTC for his own profit. We also get to know how is selling false bitcoin.

Let us start this article with the innovation of a cryptocurrency which shaken the world with its value. It was named as bitcoin. The value of this cryptocurrency reached an unexpected, nothing less than a miraculous height in the year 2017. In the same year, no of expected transactions for this digital currency started to be very high. However, bitcoin has very low scalability. While Visa is capable of doing around 24000 transactions in a second, bitcoin is capable of doing only 7!

Soon, the bitcoin community started two argue for its scalability. It divided the community into two groups. While one group was admired that scalability should be increased, the other was focussed that bitcoin was not born for high scalability. This conflict in ideas gave the rise of BCH i.e. Bitcoin Cash in August 2017.

So, basically, diverged into two cryptocurrencies: BTC (Bitcoin) and BCH(BItcoin Cash). It should be noted that both bitcoin and bitcoin cash are completely two different cryptocurrencies. If you buy BCH and transact it in the misconception of BTC, you might lose all of your money. It is common doubt that both BTC and BCH are common but always keep in mind, this two although resembles same but is two completely different digital assets. In simple words, these two assets are as different as US Dollar and Euro!


How is misleading people?

As stated above bitcoin and bitcoin cash are two different assets. They resemble and pronounce similarly, hence most of the people are in the misconception that both are same. is taking advantage of this confusion among the people. It is selling fake bitcoin. It is also misleading people to buy BCH instead of the original bitcoin. It is using various false and irrelevant information in media through various medium to appreciate bitcoin cash and attract people to buy it in assumption as they are the real bitcoin. But this is completely wrong. If a person is buying a BCH, he/she is definitely not buying the original bitcoin. Bitcoin is taking advantage of the similar names of the two crypto assets and misleading the consumers to buy BCH instead of the original bitcoin.

The reason for this misleading information is quite simple. The value of BTC on February 2, 2019, is around  $3434.40 whereas the value of BCH on the same date is around $ 117.99. Clearly, Bitcoin is having a higher value than the BCH. So, is trying to sell as much as BCH it can. It will lead to more economic benefit for the company. This is the reason, it is misleading to buy BCH instead of BTC.

Let us look at the misleading facts spread by using Roger Ver.


Roger Ver making people fool to buy BCH:

Before, how this person is making fool to inspire to buy BCH rather than BTC, we must know who he is.

Roger Ver is a famous personality in the crypto space. He is one the early supporter of bitcoin. He aimed that it could be an economic lifeline currency. He is the owner of and he was the leading face for gaining the support of people for buying bitcoin. He is also known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ due to his contribution to bitcoin during the initial innovation of bitcoin. But nowadays, he is promoting BCH (Bitcoin Cash) rather than BTC. He is misleading people to buy the BCH and making them fool by convincing them to trust on BCH more than BTC. No one has ever expected such a misleading contribution by the person, they treat as the Jesus of Bitcoin. Let us have a small fact supporting us.

We will be concentrating with two of statements of Roger Ver

  1. “I bought thousands of BCC with my BTC so far, how about you?”. Date of statement: 10 August 2018
  2. “I haven’t sold a single Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash up until yesterday and I sold about a dozen Bitcoins for Bitcoin Cash”. Date of statement: 25 August 2018.

Wait, did you get confused? You would have surely in disbelief after reading the above statements. I first statement given by Roger Ver on 10 August 2018, he said that he had bought 1000 of bitcoin cash with his bitcoin and asked to have others did so? In the next statement made by him on 15 days later, he refused that he hadn’t sold any of his BTC for BCH till 24 August and he had bought BCH only worthy on 12 BTC. Well, this is completely misleading. This is completely a false move done by the owner of in perspective for the business’s own profit by misleading people. This is surely not expected from a person like Roger Ver


In this article, we got to know how Roger Ver is misleading people to buy BCH rather than BTC for his own profit. We also get to know how is selling false bitcoin. So, before buying bitcoin from the, make sure that you are buying original bitcoin, not BCH i.e. Bitcoin Cash otherwise, you could lose all of your money. Be aware of Roger Ver and as for them, it is only the profit of business matters and for this, they could misguide their customers.

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$1.25 million offer by Roger Ver to Opennode for accepting BCH rejected



According to the latest tweet by Opennode, Roger Ver had offered them $1.24 million to switch their service to BCH but they have rejected the offer.

According to the latest tweet by a software engineer working with Opennode, a company which claims to be the world’s first multi-layered bitcoin payment processor for businesses, Roger Ver had offered the company $1.24 million to switch their service to bitcoin cash but the company has openly rejected the offer calling bitcoin cash ‘inferior money’.

Roger Ver is the founder of Bitcoin Cash and one of the earliest investor of bitcoin who is criticized by many cryptocurrency enthusiasts for misleading investors by glofifying bitcoin cash as the real bitcoin. Roger Ver also owns the domain name.



Tim Draper, a well-known venture capital investor had recently invested 1,25 million into OpenNode which is a blockchain development company building bitcoin platforms on the lightning network. Roger Ver had recently posted a video criticizing the lightning network and offered to match Tim Draper’s investment into Opennode if the company switches to BCH rather than bitcoin.

Opennode had tweeted on their official Twitter page today thanking Roger Ver for his offer and openly rejecting it. According to Opennode, an open financial system is only possible with bitcoin:

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Bitmain fires entire team: Bitcoin crashes to $3720 in 1 hour



Bitcoin crashed to $3720 from over $4000 in just an hour after the news of Bitmain, the cryptocurrency mining giant firing all their employees came out.

After a good week for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which traders were calling a ‘Santa Rally’ has gone in vein with Bitcoin crashing to $3720 from over $4000 in just an hour after the news of Bitmain, the cryptocurrency mining giant firing all their employees came out. Right on the Christmas eve, the cryptocurrency market has crashed down with bitcoin falling down over 10% and bitcoin cash over 25% in just an hour of time. EOS is back over Bitcoin Cash again (according to market capitalization). Now all top cryptocurrencies are in the red zone.

BTCUSD 24 hour chart

BTCUSD 24 hour chart


Bitmain Firing:

The rumor which flashed in the crypto space about Bitmain firing its Bitcoin Cash development team has contributed to the bear market trend. Samson Mow tweeted recently about Bitmain laying off their entire Copernicus Team with just a week of notice:

Miners going broke

Due to the recent market crash, Bitcoin miners all around the world have been facing massive amounts of losses as some of these are not even being able to cover up their expenses in the bearish trend and as such had to completely shut down their operations. Bitmain which is one of the largest ASIC manufacturing companies based in China had to fire all its employees who worked on the development of Bitcoin Cash.
A youtube video by Digital Gold shows how terrified the miners are due to the current market situation:

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