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Bored Ape Founders Speak Out Against Nazi Rumors

The company behind the popular non-fungible token collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, Yuga Labs, addressed the rumors around the alleged connection with racist and Nazi affiliation. The company denied the rumors and called them “crazy disinformation” and “bullshit.” They also stated that they would take legal action against the creators of the video, accusing them of being Nazi trolls.

Yuga commented on previous allegations that BAYC co-founder Gorden Goner was a Nazi. Yuga Labs has received significant community support and will continue to be transparent with the community in combating these defamatory claims.

In an effort to stop ongoing violations and other unlawful attempts to cause harm to the BAYC community, lawsuits have been brought against the responsible parties, and other legal avenues that may be available will continue to be explored and pursued.