Blockonix to launch in mid July – Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

Blockonix – Decentralized, Smart contract run exchange

With most centralized exchanges being hacked, and increasing cryptocurrency scams around the globe, Blockonix is all set to report the ongoing progressions made in advancing Blockonix digital currency exchange to exceptionally decentralized stage that is totally run through smart contracts. Blockonix is a “trustless” trade biological system created on the blockchain smart contract architecture to convey a world class cryptographic money trade and exchanging background to its clients with security.

No single entity owns Blockonix, the entire ecosystem is run by the community and the decentralized system is run completely on the blockchain and not centrally on any system or server. Read the Blockonix Whitepaper for more details.


BDT Token Swap with existing BITINDIA holders

Blockonix rebranded from Bitindia. All Bitindia holders are requested to swap to Blockonix (BDT) tokens by following the information mentioned in this article.

We are rebranding our platform from Bitindia to Blockonix as we are preparing to launch our exchange at a global level, not as a domestic company in India as earlier perceived. We hope rebranding the exchange name will help us in breaking into new markets and developing the exchange to the next level while providing the best services for our already existing supporters.

said the Team at Blockonix.

Following the ongoing legislature of India confinements on cryptographic money through the Reserve Bank of India issuing a guideline forestalling banks and other budgetary foundations from managing any cryptocurrency. It has turned out to be legitimately impracticable to dispatch our trade in India provoking us to settle on a hard choice to dispatch the trading exchange in Malta.

Trading fee collected in ETH

Blockonix will charge 0.1% flat transaction fee for all trades, if the fee is paid in Ethers.

Trading fee collected in BDT

If a user is paying in BDT tokens, Blockonix offers 70% flat discount

Benefits of Blockonix
Benefits of Blockonix


Preparing to Launch in mid July

While most Indian Cryptocurrency exchanges like Zebpay, Unocoin, Wazirx finally stopping the INR (Rupee) deposits and withdrawals following the Supreme court ruling yesterday, Blockonix (previously Bitindia) was one of the first to acknowledged  and look for better alternatives. Bitindia decided to launch a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange earlier this year.



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