Bitfinex collaborates with ODEM to spread cryptocurrency and blockchain awareness.

Bitfinex, one of the leading crypto exchanges, announced to collaborate with ODEM, an on-demand education and employment marketplace, to expand bitcoin and cryptocurrency education.

Bitfinex announced a strategic collaboration with ODEM, to provide education on cryptocurrency and blockchain. The official announcement reads, “the idea is to provide an innovative token transaction simulation model, designed and operated by ODEM, using Bitfinex as its premier liquidity platform.”


The collaboration aims to increase the level of education.

The strategic collaboration would launch a series of programs and courses with the aim to increase the level of education for both novice and advanced Bitfinex users who are interested in the technical features of cryptocurrencies. The exchange will also provide liquidity to ODEM’s simulated “education marketplace.”

ODEM’s CEO, Richard Maaghul, said that the company is the first to market with completely mirrored fiat-to-crypto trades in education and employment market place.


“Encouraging greater understanding and adoption of cryptocurrencies.”

CTO of Bitfinex, Paolo Ardoino, said that by educating more individuals on the use of cryptocurrency and the vital role it plays in powering the blockchain economy, and they are encouraging greater understanding and the adoption of digital currencies.

The exchange expects its cooperation with ODEM to be a natural extension of its continued support and commitment to creating a vital and thriving crypto ecosystem to allow users to navigate the market safely and effectively, the announcement reads.

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