Bitcoin Trader Tortured by robbers in front of four year old daughter

A Bitcoin trader was assaulted and tortured by armed thieves who tormented him utilizing frightful strategies before his four-year-old girl with an end goal to blackmail him to transfer his Bitcoin.

Public figures in the cryptocurrency space have been terrified by this incident and are focusing on keeping their identities private and undisclosed.


Terrific Bitcoin Robbery

The theft happened on Sunday, 10th Feb, at night time at the trader’s home in Zuideind, Netherlands. The city is already facing a lot of violent thefts in the past couple of months.

As indicated by a report first published by De Telegraaf – The bitcoin trader named Tjeerd H. (38), and his little girl who is only four years old, heard banging at their entry door at around 10:00 p.m. on Sunday night, and discovered three armed thieves dressed in police jackets.

Shockingly, the man’s four-year-old daughter was compelled to look, as one of the men ran a drill through her father’s body while requesting that he send them his Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Tjeerd was later rushed to the local hospital as he sustained series injuries.

It is not yet revealed if Tjeerd had transferred his cryptocurrencies to the armed thieves or not.

As indicated by the report, fifteen policemen are as of now investigating the case. There is not much information collected so far. The only important piece of information is the car (Audi A6) in which the thieves left the spot after the incident.

These kinds of terrifying incidents are rising especially in the cryptocurrency space as it is quite easy for the robbers to target a rich crypto trader or investor, torture him and extort his holdings. Being decentralized in nature, it becomes difficult for the local police authorities to investigate the location of funds. As the cryptocurrency market grows further, these kinds of incidents are likely to increase.


We request each and everyone in the cryptocurrency space, especially the public figures to keep their identities anonymous and try not to reveal their cryptocurrency holdings to anyone who is not trustable.

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