Bitcoin price will crash to $6000, says crypto analyst

After going above $10,000, BTC was able to extend its upward trend to $10,700 before retracting 10,550 today. However, this upward trend in bitcoin’s price was perceived as negative by many crypto analysts. Analysts have warned the investors to be careful and proceed with caution. 

The hike in the price of bitcoin has led many investors to believe that BTC has entered in the next parabolic phase. But many experts reckon that it will fall further before rising again. 

Crypto analyst Mitoshi Kaku explained that according to the trend it is likely that BTC will retract in the near future before picking it pace again. He believes BTC can get out of the bearish market if it goes above $11,000. 

Jonny Moe another noted crypto analyst weighed in according to him the price of bitcoin may go down as below as $6,000 before entering the next parabolic phase. 

Crypto Creed, another known crypto analyst, said that $10,000 mark failed to provide any resistance and might be a sign of a bearish trap. 

Jai Pratap
Jai Pratap
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