Bitcoin Fall linked with Julian Assange Arrest? Huge BTC donations for Wikileaks

Julian Assange was arrested today morning by the London police from the Ecuadorian embassy where he was residing from the last 7 years. According to the president of Ecuador, Julian Assange was violating the terms of the shelter that was provided to him by the Ecuadorian embassy.


Lenín Boltaire Moreno Garcés or Lenin also tweeted about the withdrawal of the asylum status which was granted to Julian Assange. He mentioned that Julian has been continuously violating international conventions and daily life protocols.

Why was Julian Assange arrested?

It is still unclear whether Julian Assange has been arrested to extradite him to the United States where he had been declared wanted from a couple of years or he has been arrested for skipping bails as he was wanted in Sweden for a variety of charges relating to an alleged sexual assault.


The price of bitcoin is also experiencing a sharp decline today after rising up to around $5500 yesterday evening. Some people are also speculating that the crash of bitcoin might be related to the sudden arrest of the founder of WikiLeaks.


Bitcoin Donations of Wikileaks:

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world have been supporting Julian Assange from quite a long time and just after his arrest, the donations on the official WikiLeaks address have been rising with the wallet currently standing at a balance of around $3.11 BTC (at the time of publishing) with more than 30 transactions appearing after the arrest of the founder of Wikileaks.


A lot of people have been supporting Julian which includes Kim Dotcom (Entrepreneur) who tweeted after the arrest of Julian Assange stating that the current situation is a moment of shame committed by Ecuadorian, UK and the US. However, the tweet was soon deleted by him. Afterward, he tweeted again stating that telling truth cannot be termed as a crime and motivating people to donate for the platform.

What are your thoughts on the arrest of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks? Tell us in the comments section below.


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