Bitcoin Developer Amir Taaki talks about Dark tools at Devcon

Amir Taaki, the bitcoin developer and former Kurdish YPG militia member, recited words that resonated with many at the Devcon 5, the annual ethereum developer conference. Taaki encouraged a massive audience to think about the creation of dark finance tools that can revolute the national economies. Devcon was hosted in Osaka, Japan. Taaki, spent 2015 to 2018 in war-torn Syria fighting terrorist group ISIS, extending cryptocurrencies on a national and international scale.

The former fighter against ISIS swayed a wave of DarkTech among the onlookers present at the annual ethereum developer conference, Devcon 5. Amir Taaki recited words telling people that nobody in the cryptocurrency sector is thinking big enough.

The bitcoin developer quoted, “I hear people talking about decentralized derivatives and mortgages. Why are we not thinking about how to create dark finance tools we can leverage against government bonds?” He also added how we could crash national economies. “You see, the crypto nouveau riche buying yachts and Lambos, but no one is thinking about what we can do on a big scale.”

Taaki came forward also to address his time in Syria, where deploying cryptocurrencies on the international scale was the top agenda. Vitalik Buterin donated $25,000 to fund the Syrian initiatives, which Taaki described as ambiguous. At the conference, he called out Buterin as well as Gavin Wood for having “low social intelligence.”

Words of the tech enthusiast gained commendable appreciation. Santiago Siri, founder of Democracy Earth, a Y Combinator-backed nonprofit building digital governance technology, acknowledged and stated how Taaki tries to keep the dream real, and how the values inspired him.

Saloni Sheelwant
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