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Big Update from  Should you mint an  NFT Domain Now?

A better user experience with a fluid user interface is the key to linking and running all the features and upgrades, and this is now possible with the release of the Quik API.

web3 domains

The top-level domains .metaverse, .vr, .web3, and many more are now available for minting on Take advantage of this limited-time offer to embrace the decentralized nature of the web and your assets.

What is ? (1) is a leading NFT domain name marketplace that provides the topmost domains with quick access and quick systems that run on blockchain-based protocols and offer the best advantages within the Quik ecosystem & the evolving web. Now the main question on your mind would be:

What's A Nft Domain?

An NFT domain, which functions as a smart contract posted on the public blockchain, is a decentralized domain that represents a virtual website hosted on Web 3.0 in a decentralized way. Blockchain domain extensions like.web3, .metaverse, .vr, and many others are included in NFT domains.
The NFT domain can be used for many things, such as hosting decentralized websites, converting human-readable cryptocurrency wallet addresses (such as akejuj%gwhfbe#gwu!!@ to an easier address such as mywallet.metaverse), connecting to metaverse properties, and storing them as an asset for later use.

Since the NFT domain owners are the only authorized owners, controllers, and managers of the NFT domain and own it permanently after purchase, there is no need for a monthly or annual subscription for NFT domains. Neither nor any other third-party intervention can restrict NFT domain use cases. additionally pays NFT domain owners 5–10% royalties on each future sale of their domains.

Why should I choose ?

NFT top-level domains that utilize the blockchain-based protocols ERC-721, ERC-1155, BEP-721, BEP-1155 are available on, a marketplace for NFT domains. In its most recent press release,'s official support covered all the details of the October update and those slated for the next weeks and months, which have given NFT domain owners access to various new capabilities and use cases.

Users can alter NFT domains with the owner's personal information, such as address information, URLs, text records, and cryptographic walled addresses, using's new "edit function," which introduced. This will boost user interaction, make it simple for Quik users to connect and network, and help them learn how other people utilize Web3 domains.

To improve user experience and offer new ways to interact and grow to varied users of multiple blockchains, plans to support six unique blockchains, including ETH, BTC, DOGE, BNB, SOL, and LTC, in the future.

A better user experience with a fluid user interface is the key to linking and running all the features and upgrades, and this is now possible with the release of the Quik API. The new front-end API documentation and the "template builder" and "chrome extension" capabilities will be made accessible to the general public soon.

How can I mint an  NFT domain?

You will need a crypto wallet, credential verification, and money to mint an NFT domain, which involves registering the domain's ownership.

To create an NFT domain on (2), follow these steps:
(1) Do a web search for "," log in or register, and then confirm your account.
(2) Once signed in, link the MetaMask wallet to the Quik ecosystem before selecting the NFT domain in the top bar of the home page and searching for any available NFT domains.
(3) Clicking on them will direct you to the mint page, where you must put in the NFT domain name and choose "mint" if the NFT domain extension is chosen.

(4) If a user has to decide on a name and not an extension, they may utilize a simpler method by typing the name into the search bar at the top of the home page and pressing Enter.
(5) The user will then be presented with various alternatives for the NFT domain extensions associated with the selected NFT domain name. Once a decision has been made, click on the specific NFT domain name and extension to bring up the "mint" page. Once there, select "mint."
(6)When "mint" is selected, it will prompt the user for confirmation and display the necessary payment, confirming that the designated funds are in the MetaMask wallet.

After payment confirmation, the NFT domain is added to the MetaMask wallet, where the user now has full control over the NFT domain.

What are the Future plans of intends to incorporate several new features into its ecosystem with the latest upgrade to enhance user experience and accessibility and promote steady user growth. To provide NFT domain owners with a rapid, simple, and efficient flow of data and connection, will also introduce its own Quik API.

The most recent version of concentrates on improving user experience while creating various methods to explore the decentralized web since has also teamed with several web development organizations and developers to work closely on imaginative ways of exploration for Quik users.