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Is Big Bull Crypto Any Good?

Big Bull Trading, one of India's most prominent technocrats, founded the technology and blockchain services company. Recently, it won the award for "Best Versatile Crypto" at the Crypto Expo Awards 2022 @Dubai

Photo by Jared Schwitzke / Unsplash

Big Bull Trading, one of India's most prominent technocrats, founded the technology and blockchain services company. (1) Recently, it won the award for "Best Versatile Crypto" at the Crypto Expo Awards 2022 @Dubai. Ravindra Potdar is the founder of the Bigh Bull Crypto Trading platform. The company focuses on providing various blockchain-related solutions, including Bigh Bull Crypto trading. The company aims to capitalize on its developed high-tech technologies and innovative ideas.

Bigh Bull provides solutions that can assist and support investors, traders, and even the average person in their efforts to learn, trading in currencies, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, to maximize gains.

Nine platforms are available through Bigh Bull, one for trading, one for transferring cryptocurrencies, and one for instructional purposes for disseminating lessons on using blockchains.

Trading is available across all nine trading platform solutions featuring improved capabilities achieved through the undetectable incorporation of AI.

Bigh Bull is largely known for its high-tech trading tools, which provide for various business activities. It dreams of communicating with the general public and creating a new generation of well-educated people and investors who are not just knowledgeable about technology in India but also about it elsewhere in the world.

What is Bigh Bull Trading?

Bigh Bull trading intends to become a one-stop solution for trading in India's Crypto, Stocks, Forex, and MCX in India.

Bigh Bull Crypto has offices in both Pune and Delhi. CEO Ravindra Potdar (2) announced that the company offers 11 trading facilities with the lowest feasible fees making way for better participation of more people in the crypto market. The Bigh Bull team has greatly simplified the process by introducing a direct buying option using Indian Rupee.

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of people in India interested in purchasing cryptocurrency. Purchasing cryptocurrency with Bigh Bull will not only be simpler, but it will also guarantee that responsible parties make the purchasing decisions of individuals.

Bigh Bull also offers Staking options for one year. These options allow you to get a significant amount of cryptocurrency while earning earnings just by staking the cryptocurrency.

This gives Bigh Bull an advantage over its rivals. Mr. Ravindra Potdar believes that by coming up with the most recent advancements, giving his cryptocurrency a fair launch, and regularly disseminating information about it to the general public, he will be able to ensure a prosperous future for both his customers and his cryptocurrency.

Please note this article does not endorse or promote Bigh bull crypto. This is just an informative article. Do your due diligence before deciding to invest in the company.

BIGB Token Offered by Bigh Bull Crypto

BIGB Token is a BEP-20 crypto-token that was developed on the technology of the BINANCE blockchain.

It is featured on IndoEx, Bitmart, Cotoex, CoinMarketCap, Coingecco, and Dex-trade.

Various Platforms Offered by Bigh Bull Crypto

Bigh Bull Offers various kinds of platforms for trading. It offers the following platforms:

1. Stock Market Platforms–In the Indian Stock market, Bigh bull offers three platforms: Trading platform enables Indians to trade in the NSE and BSE. They offer a Copy Trading Platform that allows copying trades of other traders. This enables those who don't know much about trading but still want to trade. BOT trading platform offers the option to execute trades automatically through automated bots.

2. Crypto Market Platforms– Bigh Bull Crypto offers four platforms for the crypto market. Using their trading platform, one can trade in various cryptos. The Crypto market, too, has a copy trading and BOT trading platform similar to Stock market platforms. In addition to these, there is an option to switch crypto coins. One can exchange one coin for another using this platform.

3. Forex Market platforms– Indians can also trade in the Forex market using Bigh Bull trading platforms. Trading, copy trading, and BOT trading are all available on Forex Market platforms.

4. Education – This section of the Bigh Bull trading platform intends to provide traders with knowledge of the markets. They provide tutorials on Stocks, Blockchain technology, Forex trading, and other resources. They also conduct webinars and ebooks related to trading knowledge.

Again reiterating, that this is just an informative article and not an endorsement from our side. We are in no way associated with Bigh Bull Crypto.

COTOEX Crypto Exchanging Platform

Cotoex is a platform that allows for the immediate exchange of cryptocurrencies. Customers can browse the web using this platform through every swap offer compiled from several major cryptocurrency exchanges in just one location.

It has on display over 750 tokens with a streamlined trading procedure to make it as easier for its customers to use cryptocurrencies. These are readily available for quick trades, do not require registration, and have the highest rates on that market.

With over 18 instant exchange services, over 750 different cryptocurrencies and tokens, and more than 60,000 total coins and tokens, exchange pairs, the entire spectrum of available exchanges can now be found on a single page.

You are not required to investigate the prices offered by various websites and services, contrasting the terms and costs of each option anymore since Cotoex will accomplish that for you at no additional cost.

Big Bull Crypto Trading Platform. Image Source: BighBull Website

More About Copy Trading Feature of Bigh Bull Crypto

Copy trading is a method of portfolio management in which one investor seeks to replicate the success of another trader by replicating the trades made by that trader. (3)

The automatic form of crypto copy trading that has recently been available completely altered how people transact business in the market.

During copy trading crypto, traders can automate their trading processes rather than manually conduct them.

Adding automatic copy trading platforms into the market automates the transaction process that involves exchanging one cryptocurrency for another.

We have personally not tried their service. These facts are gleaned from the source on the internet. So, please do your due diligence before thinking of investing with them.

More About the Bigh Bull Token of Bigh Bull Crypto

The open-source smart contract token known as Bigh Bull token can be found on the Binance Blockchain.

Every single transaction that takes place with this token would be stored on the blockchain's public ledgers and may be viewed by everyone.

Proof of stake (5), the consensus process used to validate block transactions, is the foundation upon which the Binance blockchain was built. Validators are responsible for the upkeep of blockchains.

On any of the Big Bill's, Copy and Bot trading platforms, the BIGB Token can be used as a transaction token. In addition, the coin will serve as the foundational asset for the cryptocurrency trading platform Cotoex, which Bigh Bull Technosoft LLP is developing.

Tokens issued by BIGB can be used online, in retail outlets, in education, and the logistics industry. Put another way. It can be used for any digital monetary transactions and purchases, from pins to aircraft tickets.

How safe is the Bigh Bull Token?

The Binance blockchain (4) was utilized to develop the BIGB Token. Even while it's a rather complicated and technical procedure, the result is a digital ledger of crypto transactions that is extremely difficult for hackers to alter. On Binance, there is a smart contract for it.

However, do your due diligence before planning on vesting on the site. This is just an informative article. We are not associated with Bigh Bull Crypto.

BIGB Tokens Storage

When one purchases digital currency, they are required to store that currency. A digital cryptocurrency wallet is a suitable place to keep your BIGB tokens, for instance, Trust Wallet, Metamask, etc.

There are various wallets with advantages and the technical specifications necessary to ensure their safety. As a result, BIGB tokens can be kept in any cryptocurrency wallet that supports Binance's blockchain technology.


Bigh Bull Crypto has emerged as one of the newer platforms for Crypto trading. It promises to offer trading facilities for several instruments like stocks, cryptos, forex, and Commodities in one single place. It has claims of a tall order, but how effective it would be against the competition is yet to be seen.

Again reiterating that this is just an informative article, we are not associated with Bigh Bull Crypto, and you must do your research before deciding to invest with Bigh Bull Crypto; if you are planning to invest i.e.