Bexplus Margin Trading Exchange Launches Interest-Bearing BTC Wallet

Recently, Bitcoin price has been under huge volatility and early this week, BTC fell below key support above $10,000 and declined near the $9,600 region. According to some price and volume analysis, it could suffer a deeper drop. As a result, the bears are expected to dominate proceedings in the short term. It seems that the BTC price could drop all the way back to the previous lowest point of $9,062 on July 17.

Due to the price fluctuation in the Bitcoin market, crypto derivatives such as bitcoin futures contracts are growing in popularity.

BTC futures trading is popular because it allows traders to make profits by correctly predicting if BTC will either increase or decrease in value. Besides, traders can use leverage to enlarge their initial margin and purchasing power. For example, with 100x leverage, you can buy (long) or sell (short) 100 BTC contracts with only 1 BTC used as margin.

However, if you consider that BTC futures trading is too risky, while spot trade is not profitable during the bearish run, you can turn to Bexplus’s new function –

interest-bearing wallet.

Enjoy Up to 30% Annualized Interest in Bexplus BTC Wallet

Bexplus is a fintech company established in late 2017 which provides 100x leverage margin trading on cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS and XRP. Bexplus also offers Android and iOS apps for mobile users, providing access to all available trading tools on the go. With professional and powerful trading instruments, simple design, fully-customized user interface and various popular trading pairs, Bexplus’s trading volumes have reached over $10 million daily.

In addition to cryptocurrency futures contracts with 100x leverage, Bexplus launches the latest wallet function. Namely, users can deposit and store their BTC in the wallet which is a highly secured offline storage system encrypted with multi-signature technology.

What are the Interests of Bexplus’s BTC Wallet?

Bexplus launches BTC Wallet especially for users who have not much experience in futures trading and want to earn money without risk. To deposit BTC in the wallet, you can enjoy the interest calculation as follows:

Note: Interest will start to be calculated when your wallet balance is 0.05 or above from D+1 (GMT). D refers to the natural day of the BTC transferred into the wallet.

Wallet’s revenue = confirmed amount X * annualized interest rate / 365.

The confirmed amount refers to the amount of the deposited BTC that satisfies (D+1) days and above.

Example: You have confirmed 10 BTC with an annualized interest rate of 30%, then your daily wallet revenue is (10*30%/365)=0.008BTC

To deposit and withdraw BTC from Bexplus wallet will not charge any fee. And you can deposit BTC in and transfer out anytime anywhere you want. And the revenue will be settled monthly on the first day of each month. Interest-bearing BTC wallet is available now in Bexplus exchange, you can deposit now and enjoy the high rate of revenue.

Latest BTC Giveaways in Bexplus

10% Cashback Activity

Make a deposit and trade BTC futures contracts, you can enjoy 10% cashback. For example, if you deposit 1 BTC, you will get 1.1 BTC credited in your account balance.

Win iPhone XS Max

Join July gift activity before July 31, you can win iPhone XS Max, iPad Air 3, Apple watch series 3 and etc. Each user is eligible to apply for one gift only.

Register an account with the official invitation code 8T5vQ, you can enjoy 10% off transaction fee. Come to join Bexplus now and make profits with BTC wallet as well as futures trading!


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