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Crypto Influencer Ben 'BitBoy' Armstrong Arrested During Livestream Over Lamborghini Dispute

Crypto influencer Ben 'BitBoy' Armstrong's livestream outside his former business partner's home takes an unexpected turn as he is arrested. The incident centers on a Lamborghini dispute.

Dramatic Scene Unfolds Outside Former Business Partner's Residence

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, popularly known as "BitBoy," found himself in the midst of a highly dramatic situation when he was reportedly arrested during a livestream outside the residence of his former business partner, Carlos Diaz. The incident revolves around Armstrong's claim that Diaz possesses his Lamborghini.

A Livestream Turned Confrontation

Before initiating the YouTube livestream, Armstrong teased his audience, stating that he was "going live soon from a very special location." Less than an hour later, he was broadcasting himself outside Carlos Diaz's residence. Diaz is a consultant and nonfungible token investor known to have ties to the Hit Network.

Explosive Accusations

During the livestream, Armstrong launched a fiery tirade against Diaz, alleging that Diaz had intentions to harm him and asserting connections to the Houston mafia. He boldly declared, "I'm not scared of you, Carlos."

Around the 19-minute mark of the stream, local police arrived on the scene and questioned Armstrong about the presence of any weapons. Armstrong denied having any weapons, but he was instructed to put down his phone. The livestream then abruptly cut off, although audio continued, capturing conversations between Armstrong and the police officers.

Arrest and Incarceration

According to a record from the Gwinnett County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office, a Benjamin Charles Armstrong was booked into custody on September 25 at 9:11 pm local time and is currently incarcerated.

Reactions from the Crypto Community

Blockchain investigator "ZachXBT" expressed satisfaction over the development, stating, "Will always celebrate one of the most notorious bad actors in crypto finally getting karma."

The BitBoy Crypto Brand Controversy

This incident comes after the Hit Network, which manages the "BitBoy Crypto" brand, severed ties with Ben Armstrong in late August, citing concerns related to substance abuse and financial harm to employees. Subsequently, a series of lawsuits emerged and were later withdrawn by various parties involved. Armstrong even solicited donations on September 20 to assist with his legal battles, which generated mixed reactions within the crypto community.