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DeFi Protocol Balancer's Frontend Under Attack, $238K in Crypto Stolen

DeFi protocol Balancer is facing another attack on its frontend, urging users to avoid its website. The extent of the breach is under investigation, with a possible $238,000 in crypto stolen.

Balancer Urges Users to Avoid Its Website Amid Frontend Attack

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Balancer has issued a warning to users, advising them to refrain from interacting with its website due to an ongoing attack on its frontend.

Attack Under Investigation, User Funds Potentially at Risk

Balancer's team is currently investigating the details of the attack and has not confirmed whether user funds have been impacted. However, blockchain security firms estimate that at least $238,000 in cryptocurrency has been stolen.

Previous Vulnerability and Recent Exploits

This marks the second attack on Balancer within a month. In late August, the protocol warned of a critical vulnerability and subsequently suffered an estimated $2 million exploit related to the vulnerability shortly afterward.