Andrew Ridenour: Another executive quits Coinbase

Andrew Ridenour, product counsel for institutional products at Coinbase has left the exchange. He served at coinbase for one year and seven months. He announced that he would be joining back U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Before joining Coinbase, Andrew had spent nine years at CFTC first as a senior trial attorney and then as a special counsel within Division of Market Oversight. He will be joining as senior counsel to the Chairman at CFTC.

Other Executives who left the Coinbase

Andrew is the latest executive member to leave the exchange before him, Dan Romero, Adam White, and Christine Sandler also left the organization earlier this year.

COO Asiff Hirji also left the exchange in may of this year. He joined the Coinbase in December 2017 when the bitcoin was peaking, played a huge role in steering Coinbase according to Co-founder Brian Armstrong. His exit was followed by CTO Srinivasan who joined the organization when Coinbase acquired

Andrew wrote on his Linkedin account that he is happy to be returning “home” at CFTC. He also thanked the chairman for giving him the opportunity to re-enter the government service.

In April Linkedin included Coinbase among the top 50 U.S. based company, and it was the only company from crypto sector to make the list. Now six executive members of the organization have left in just short period. Recovery from this position for Coinbase will be undoubtedly challenging.

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