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All “Ethereum Killers” will die” Freddy Zwanzger

Blockdaemon’s ETH ecosystem leader Freddy Zwanzger believes that Ethereum will continue its leadership position in the crypto ecosystem over the next few years. Due to its smart contract platform and upgrades to the Merge.

During the week’s Ethereum (ETHCC) Community Conference: ” ETH will continue to lead. It is the first and most important smart contract platform. And that won’t change.”

Blockdaemon is an institutional blockchain infrastructure platform that provides node functionally and infrastructure tools for blockchain projects.

In the case of the “Ethereum Killer” – or projects built to compete with the Layer 1 blockchain- attempting to topple Ethereum from its leadership will ultimately fail.

“Not all Ethereum killers in the past will succeed, And we don’t think they have succeeded at all.”

Crypto projects that have been dubbed “Ethereum Killers,” such as Solana, Cardano, Tezos, and Polkadot, among others, many of these blockchains tend to convince users with lower fees and faster transactions. But there are still few active developers, and some blockchains have little to do with decentralization.

Until now, No one has yet been able to replace Ethereum in market capitalization. While Cardano and Solana are currently ranked 8th and 9th, Polkadot is 11th, while Tezos is 37th.

Zwanzger believes the upcoming Merge will drive Ethereum even further in technology and price.