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Why the price of Algorand could continue to produce poor returns in December

The price of Algorand indicates rejection from a crucial barrier, which may encourage a sweep of the liquidity levels of 2020.

Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

The price of Algorand indicates rejection from a crucial barrier, which may encourage a sweep of the liquidity levels of 2020. As shown by ALGO, a rise in big transactions has led to substantial selloffs this year. The bearish stronghold may be invalidated if the 8-day exponential moving average reverses into support. Algorand pricing is still forecasting a loss for November. Knife-catching bulls are scouring all digital assets in search of a last-minute chance as the month's last days get near. Due to confusing technical indications of bearish control, the ALGO price may not be the best bet to recover anytime soon.

Algorand appears troublesome.

Since then, the price of Algorand (1) has decreased by 47%. The start of the current month. As the selloff intensifies, around $0.20, the price movement has grown congested as bulls and bears have fought over a trading range that has lasted for a week.

The morning star pattern the bulls created on November 23 indicated that sidelined bulls should enter the market. In anticipation of a rally in response against the negative onslaught, traders using the classic price action strategy probably set their stop below the monthly low at $0.225. The bulls strengthened their initial effort to take back the 8-day exponential moving average (EMA) on November 27, but sadly the price was rejected and has since been trading below the indicator.

At $0.233, the Algorand price is still auctioning and has not yet revoked the positive indication. On-chain measures, however, suggest that it could be time to migrate south shortly. According to the Large Transactions by Volume Indicator from Into-the-Blocks, On August 15 and September 23, the indicator had identical readings of $375.8 and $297.4 million, respectively. Interestingly, after the inflow surges in the indicators were seen, the price of Algorsand dropped by 23% and 27% in less than a week.

The drop

Algorand's price has already dropped 20% since the indicator's reading, but it may still drop further because the 8-day EMA's rejection (2) might lead to a breach of the recently discovered monthly low at $0.237. A break of the low would probably encourage more downward price movement, with the 2020 liquidity level at $0.224 being the next 8% market value decline objective.

To boost confidence, the bulls must defeat the 8-day EMA.amongst bulls and disprove the bearish hypothesis. A gain of 17% over the current Algorand price might occur from a breach above the moving average, which would spark a rally toward the 21-day simple moving average of $0.270.