Alert: Bitcoin Core Developer Accuses HitBTC of Scam

Luke Dashjr, a core developer of the original Bitcoin is claiming that the infamous cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC is a scam and the company is stealing money from the customers by not letting them withdraw their cryptocurrencies from the exchange.


Is HitBTC a Scam?

According to Luke Dashjr, HitBTC is surely a scam as the exchange is not letting him withdraw his funds from the exchange. The issue initiated when the exchange suddenly started to ask for personal information from Luke which according to him was not supposed to concern the exchange at any cost. The bitcoin core developer is also advising other people in the cryptocurrency space to withdraw their funds from Hitbtc.


HitBTC is shutting down the exchange accounts of people who are not complying to their KYC requirements, however, earlier the exchange did not have any KYC requirement. The exchange had earlier pledged to give a notification to the traders if there are any changes in the rules and policies of the company, however, Luke said that the company never sent any kind of notification at all.


Reply by HitBTC:

HitBTC replied back to the allegations very quickly stating that the withdrawal issue was due to the token swap of KIN which was going on at that particular time. They also asked Luke to send them over his details so it’s easy for them to find a solution for him.


Other Allegations:

HitBTC has been accused of scam and fraud by many people in the past including John Mcafee, one of the most famous personalities in the crypto space who called the company a fraud because of the withdrawal issues with MTC token.

Also, a complaint was recently made by a cryptocurrency trader and investor Trace Mayer who said that the company had frozen his exchange account while the Proof of Keys event was going on which was organized especially to expose cryptocurrency exchanges like HitBTC.



  1. “HitBTC is shutting down the exchange accounts of people who are not complying to their KYC requirements”

    Yes, that’s exactly how exchanges work.. If you refuse to provide KYC as per ToS on many sites, you’ll probably get your account suspended in some way or another.

  2. It is possible that they’re taking down the accounts because of them not providing KYC and not some misterious implication behind it, that’s what I think anyway. I’m sure people who submit their KYC didn’t have this problem

  3. Interesting that hitbtc is singled out as the only one to fail PoK standards, I remember other exchanges (poloniex, bittrex come to mind) also had issues for about a week’s time to withdraw funds. But that could be just me

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