John Mcafee: Regulations are designed to control you, also hits on HitBTC again

John Mcafee says do not fall prey to Lions

In a recent video released by, John Mcafee says that regulators are not meant to protect you regulations exist to control you.



John Mcafee: HitBTC is eating people’s money

John Mcafee hit again on HitBTC saying that HitBTC is like a Lion waiting for gazelles. The only way to avoid this is my stop visiting the Lion, or “HitBTC”.

Recently some people have been reporting withdrawal issues with the cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC. They mentioned that the exchange was delaying their withdrawal requests and sometimes it even reached weeks together. Hence the users which are who are stuck with their MTC coins on HitBTC would not be able to receive airdrops.

McAfee also held the exchange responsible for millions of poor who cannot access the services of the exchange due to the high buy-in rates. Post which he called for his community to Boycott the exchange altogether.

A survey done by John in July, shows 82% of people are not satisfied with HitBTC.



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