50% of US Departments faced a ransomware attack last year.

Almost half of all the organizations in the United States in 2019 faced a ransomware attack. Hackers were successfully able to use phishing attacks and ransomware to extort money from these organizations.

According to a report, nearly 50% of all US Departments faced ransomware attacks where the hacker demanded bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in ransom. Along with the innovation in the crypto industry, the cybercrimes have also surged. Ransomware attacks all over the world have seen a massive surge in the last few years.


55% of organizations fell victim to phishing attacks.

The cybersecurity research firm, Proofpoint, released a report titled “State of the Phish,” detailing phishing, ransomware, and cryptojacking attacks. The report analyzed the ways hackers employ social engineering to carry out cybercrime. According to the report, over 55 % of organizations fell victim to a successful phishing attack last year.


Only 69% of victims who paid ransomware attackers were able to access their data.

Proofpoint also reported that not all organizations that fell victim to ransomware attacks and paid the ransom were able to gain access to their data. Only 69% of victims who paid ransomware attackers were granted keys to unlock the captive data, and 7% of the victims who paid the ransom to the hacker were met with further ransom demands. Proofpoint also discovered that 22% of victims paid the ransom and still never received keys to access the data. Hackers more often targeted state organisations, local government offices, and healthcare providers.

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