419 million Facebook users’ data exposed online: can blockchain end social media’s privacy crisis

A Techchurch report has revealed that Facebook’s user’s data was found online and was easily accessible. According to the report, data of 419 million people around the world was exposed. Data includes phone numbers of users and their unique Facebook IDs.

133 million US users, 18 and 50 million from the UK and Vietnam were vulnerable to their personal data being exposed online. US authorities fined Facebook in July $5 billion for mishandling its users’ data. This reveal has again raised the question that, has Facebook learned anything from the past.

Facebook is planning to launch its cryptocurrency Libra next year. So far, it has only attracted criticism from regulators all around the world. Earlier, the social media giant was involved in Cambridge Analytica scandal that hampered Facebook’s reputation. This is the second time the company is involved in a data breach.

The report claimed that this data breach is the result of storing data online and publicly without protected by a password. However, this could be a result of human error and not a malicious breach. This data exposure should raise concerns among the users and the company.

Blockchain a necessity for Facebook?

With increasing concerns about data security for the social media giant, it would be fair to say that the social media platform can turn to blockchain technology to resolve such issues. Many experts believed that if Facebook had adopted a decentralized approach for users’ privacy, the Cambridge incident could have been prevented. If adopted, blockchain technology would put control of users personal data back in the hands of individuals.

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