28th August: The most important day for Bitcoin in 2019?

Bitcoin has officially hit a bull run, in last few weeks bitcoin’s price has seen a hike of 2 to 3 times. Most of the crypto analyst are saying in one tone that bitcoin might go on to hit $15,000 in coming days. According to an Investinghaven’s report, 28th August is the date that investors should be aware of, that day will define how the growth of bitcoin’s price is shaping up. As of now, it is not clear how fast the trend is rising, but in a few weeks, we might have an answer.

The cryptocurrency analyst on YouTube, Nicholas Merten has predicted a bullish Bitcoin trend. He believes BTC might touch $20,000. Many other experts have also predicted the same. A break above the trend line would undoubtedly signal a move higher toward $15K. This week bitcoin went very close to breaking the $12,000 barrier, but it did not happen.

Founder of DataDash, Nicholas Merten  has predicted that BTC might touch $20,000
Founder of DataDash, Nicholas Merten has predicted that BTC might touch $20,000

Josh Rager, the co-founder at Blockroots and a well-known crypto trader, tweeted that if bitcoin holds for more than three days, it has a chance to close on close at highest on the weekly chart in 2019.

As Bitcoin has come out of a bearish market, it has sparked the talks about the long term price trajectory of the leading cryptocurrency. Venture capital investor Tim Draper has predicted that BTC’s value can reach $250,000 by the first quarter of 2023. The exact value of bitcoin is very tough to predict because of its volatile nature. If experts and industry insiders are to be believed coming days are very crucial for this cryptocurrency.

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