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15 insights on Dogecoin



Understanding some of the factors popularising Dogecoin

Understanding some of the factors popularising Dogecoin:

The blockchain technology has undoubtedly given birth to a number of domains. One of the domains is cryptocurrencies, apart from finding its applications in many other field such as electoral process, Healthcare industry, HR industry, and many more. The cryptocurrencies are based on the Blockchain Technology and the first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin. After the spike of the value Bitcoin a lot many other cryptocurrencies were invented. At current point of time it is estimated that there are more than thousands of cryptocurrencies out there in the market. Hence it has made the investors difficult to decide which particular cryptocurrency is best suitable for them. Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of them.

Let us understand some of the key features of Dogecoin:

  1. It is nothing but just another online  peer to peer as well as decentralized cryptocurrency which can be used as an internet currency.
  2. The name Doge refers to Shiba Inu, one of the smallest among the six Spitz breed of dog from Japan.
  3. In fact, specifically it is referring to the Doge meme which had got popularised in the year 2013. The meme consisted of a picture of Shiba Inu along with foreground text which wear multi coloured.
  4. The website claims that the dogecoin community is far more friendlier than the usual ones.
  5. We can get a certain amount of Dogecoins by simply participating in the community or through the Faucets. They are the websites which provide some free Dogecoins, in order to familiarize the user.
  6. Two of the Faucet websites are and
  7. It provides a wallet facility to both the desktop as well as smartphones in the form of applications.
  8. Using the smartphone wallet is very easy, firstly install the Dogecoin wallet app from the Play Store, launch the app by opening it, and then your Dogecoin smartphone wallet is ready to use to send or receive Dogecoins along with address in the form of QR code too.
  9. Setting up a desktop wallet is also very easy. Click on below link which redirects you to download the application.
    1. For Windows:
    2. For Macintosh:
    3. For Linux:

After downloading the application install the application on your system by following the respective procedures. The procedure is a bit complicated in case of Linux, refer the official website for any clarifications. Following which the application would take 2-5 minutes to synchronise with the Blockchain network after which the wallet is completely ready to use.

  1. The current price of the cryptocurrency is $0.002888
  2. To join the community click on
    1. Reddit hotspot:
    2. Internet chat:
    3. Community forum:
  1. The current market Capitalisation of the cryptocurrency is $331,172,169 USD.
  1. The 24 hour trading volume is $6,495,980 USD
  2. Dogecoin is a part of FIFA world cup 2018 hosted by Russia.
  3. The cryptocurrency is supported by Russian based cryptocurrency exchange and wallet Provider Free Kassa.


More appropriately the cryptocurrency was invented by Billy Markus and Jack Palmer in the year 2013 as a fun coin. Completely unexpected by the creators the cryptocurrency spawned into a full fledged crypto of it’s own, having a community of miners, buyers, sellers, speculators, and many more. According to coinmarketcap, the cryptocurrency has been ranked at 41st position. Despite continuous speculations of the cryptocurrency becoming completely obsolete, it has managed to survive despite the losses it incurred in millions.

Many experts believe that the main reason for the popularity is the popular meme tradition that it is related to, as well as the low market price. Speculations are also being done that many of the investors are investing in cryptocurrency in a hope that the cryptocurrency would gain value and they might get their profits.

Among a lot of other cryptocurrencies in the market, this one, out of nowhere has made its position in one of the top 50 cryptocurrency coins which makes it very clear that the acceptance of a particular cryptocurrency by the community people is totally unexpected and difficult to predict.


Mining Company: HelixxMine promises most reliable mining for customers.



The cloud mining firm Helixxmine offers its customers with various kinds of hardware equipment necessary for the Bitcoin and Altcoin mining operations.

Assimilating enchanting attributes which set HelixxMine apart from its counterparts.

How to chose mining firms?

The cryptocurrency domain is rapidly switching between its faces, as rapid advancements are experienced in the field. The cryptocurrency mining has been one of the most prominent industries that have flourished as result, and many mining pools are made available for the users. It is highly challenging to choose a particular mining pool in this competitive arena, but there is one stop shop for all the mining ambiguities, which can be simplified by utilizing their services. The most reliable mining pool that I am relating to, here is the HelixxMine.


HelixxMine is to serve the crypto community

The United Kingdom-based mining firm, is reliable enough, as they have been in this field from quite a long time. One can sense their enthusiasm in the atmosphere, at the company, as each and every individual life and breathe cryptocurrency. The cloud mining firm even offers its customers with various kinds of hardware equipment necessary for the Bitcoin and Altcoin mining operations. The mining farms itself are distributed in nature and are spread across multiple parts of Southeast Asia too.


How has it become so reliable?

The mining firm is dedicated to democratizing the crypto ideology, as they do not work to make profits but are customer oriented, and work towards serving them. Its the precise reason, the organization maintains zero transaction and maintenance fee and hence avoids burdening the customers. Also, to be on the safer side, the company works on multiple algorithms for its mining operations to avoid future deadlocks. Maintaining the minimum withdrawals and deposits at $5 and $10 levels, invariably led the futuristic mining firm to attract 40,000 users throughout the globe, within 1 year itself.


Future plans of HelixxMine

It is well said that a company would undoubtedly collapse if it doesn’t have knowledge as to where it is heading towards. Therefore, HelixxMine also looks forward to introducing its dedicated cryptocurrency wallet in the upcoming year called, HelixxPay. Its wallet facility would enable the customers, to seamlessly initiate a withdrawal or undertake exchanges with negligible fees. It’s futuristic roadmap even includes, the inception of Initial Coin Offering with the token, HLX. Followed by which, the organization even looks forward to switching to the environment-friendly way of business, as they intend to utilize the solar energy to harness mining operations.


Why aren’t the native users reluctant?

Interestingly all the profits generated from various advancements would be directed towards the mining operations, and as an indirect consequence of which, the entire profit may be availed by the customers. HelixxMine even supports Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc. Which makes the newbies in the field less reluctant. The two-factor authentication along with Google security spurs an added advantage. Currently, the mining operations can be undertaken concerning Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, and Monero but the company would continunosly add newer Crypto coins.


Customer friendly services are offered at HelixxMine

The company was born out of consistent requests from its customers, who were finding it challenging to maintain the hardware rigs for the mining operations. The members of the company are very open to their customers as they are readily available through their emails, on Skype, or can even opt for a personal meetup. With offices in England, Indonesia, and Thailand the mining firm maintains its client base in Europe as well as in Southeast Asia along with customers throughout the world. What more can one expect from such a massive mining firm, Which is lowering the barrier to crypto mining, at such unimaginable scales?


HelixxMine is the best with respect to the current market situation

However, before choosing the services, one must double check the legal obligations in their respective geographical locations. There are a lot more services offered by the company, as they even entail an affiliate program which enables the customers to attractive incentives. The profits are stabilized, as they have utilized a diversified form of a portfolio. Even their 1 and 2-year contracts, attract a huge customer base, as they can find great transparency within the operations of the mining firm. The attractive and easy to use, user interface offered through their website, enables easier navigation and simply understanding the working methodology. In a nutshell, the mining operations about the company is to experience a significant surge and is a highly recommended one.


Disclaimer: Coinnonuce does not endorse any content or product on this page. While we aim at providing you all important information that we could obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company and carry full responsibility for their decisions, nor this article can be considered as an investment advice

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Cryptonex Review. Should you buy CNX token?



CNX token is the native asset of the Cryptonex decentralized exchange and the payment protocol. The CNX token has been seen rising from time to time.

Comprehending the entire functioning of the Cryptonex protocol.

Development of payment systems as the blockchain hysteria

Many payment systems came into existence, with the inception of Bitcoin, but the only a handful of them was able to sustain the competitive edge, linked to the exponential development in the crypto space. Payment settlement systems like MoneyGram or Western Union money transfer had been dominating the financial domain before the advent of cryptocurrencies, a post which they experienced a steep downfall in their business as the Blockchain technology had incentives the entire process and had made its simple. Therefore, the potential of Blockchain technology can be experienced by its use cases and applications. Ripple is one of the most popularly used cryptocurrency payment settlement systems. Let’s read about the Cryptonex Project and its native token CNX token.


What is Cryptonex?

It can be considered as a decentralized exchange, which entails its payment settlement system. Initially developed by, the Investment Financial Group, which intern specializes in software development and management for various varieties of financial risks, provides a great way to improve the efficiency of the system. One of the most essential features and aim of the project was to make the crypto to Fiat and vice versa conversions seamless. Its dedicated payment cards or mobile can be made use of to accomplish nearly instant transactions with a minimal fee.


How does Cryptonex function?

The Blockchain based initiative is not built upon the traditional ERC20 Protocol, but incorporate it on exclusive blockchain platform for its functioning. Dum keyword incorporates the cost-effective proof of stake consensus mechanism which in turn uses the scrypt algorithm. This would indirectly increase the total supply of CNX tokens by 12% every year. To take part in the Proof of Stake mining, the users need to download the entire desktop client and keep the wallet online for as long as possible. The miners are rewarded based on the stake they hold within the system. The decentralized exchange is still under constant development. No specific details about how everything works have been shed light upon by the developers.  


What is CNX?

CNX token is the native asset of the decentralized exchange and the payment protocol. The CNX token has been seen rising from time to time. The CNX token reached it all-time high in January 2018, where the price of the token reached up to $9.17. According to, the current price of the CNX token is $2.18. The CNX token was made available to the public in October 2017. The total supply of the CNX tokens is fixed and accounts to 210,000,000 tokens. The fixed total supply would mark an increase in its value, as a direct consequence of the increase in scarcity of the coin.


How to buy CNX token? Along with understanding the wallet capabilities

The users, however, need a desktop wallet for storage of the CNX tokens. firstly the users need to register their respective wallets with the exchange and can buy CNX through significant Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc or through Fiat deposits. the cryptocurrency wallet is capable of undertaking real-time transactions based on the real-time prices as it collects the data from various reliable sources. Interestingly, the wallet also is capable of converting one cryptocurrency to another in an integrated fashion. The future of the decentralized exchange is highly futuristic, as it provides a single platform to integrate myriad types of operations.


Future of Cryptonex

The payment protocol and the Decentralised exchange, entails one of the most notable features which is transparency. The blockchain protocol is open source in nature and all the inside workings of the exchange are not hidden from the public. It is also to be noted that various bounty programs, as well as referral rewards, are kept aside, in the form of CNX tokens by the Cryptonex platform, so that sufficient incentives are provided to the users to keep them attached with the exchange. There is not much scope in the price surge of CNX Tokens.


Note: The following points are the views of the editors and may not be considered as an advice for investment in any of the digital assets such as Cryptonex or CNX. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and the investment in such assets is subject to market risks.

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Golem: Is it worth Investing now?



Golem provides the means to bridge the distance between software and hardware making sure the needs of the users are met without any disruption.

We all use computers for various reasons ranging from academics, entertainment to professional usage. At the current changing technological world there are numerous professional works that require huge amount of computational work. Golem is an open sourced supercomputer aimed at solving this.


What is golem?

It is a supercomputer that is aimed at solving the problems faced by professionals and individuals who require huge amounts of computational load and more than one computer system to work with.

Business entities or we buy computer with specifications that satisfies our requirements. But there are various works done by professionals that require huge amount of software, hardware and of course data centres to store the data that they have worked on. Usually in occasions like this people use third party services like Google, Amazon, etc. for cloud computing. Golem aims at letting the users attain their full potential at work without the interference from any third-party services allowing the users to have decentralized supercomputer network.


How does Golem work?

Golem is a decentralized supercomputer platform where for example a user who is into huge animation works requires computer hardware and software to handle the graphic load and store data too without having to buy a whole new computer system, during occasions like this golem allows the user to put a request for computer parts of software or both as per their requirement onto the golem platform and golem in turn puts up this request among lenders who have their computer parts or software or both sitting idle or for sale.

This information after it reaches the lenders, they verify and validate the user who put up the request and if they see potential in the user and if it interests them then the user and the lender are allowed to have peer to peer connection. This allows the lender to rent his computer system or parts or software to the user at the price fixed and after usage the payment is made to the lender by the user in the form of cryptocurrencies, mostly being bitcoin. This way the lender can make money out of their unused or idle system and the user can complete their work without buying a whole new system too.


Understanding the peer to peer connection before making investment in golem

To invest in new technological trends, it is always best to first understand how it works. There are three parties involved in golem, they are the users, providers and the software developers.
When the user puts up their request for computers or parts of software, this request is sent to the lenders (computer providers) and if the lender accepts, then this request is accepted and sent to the golem infrastructure in terms of hardware and after the software developer accepts this request to use their software, the request is sent to the golem application platform where the hardware and the software required by the user is put together and sent to the user for their use.

After usage, payment is made to the provider and the software developer by the means of cryptocurrencies through golem network tokens in the form of bitcoins.


What do you need to have before using golem?

Just a system with a downloaded golem software platform and some cryptocurrencies to transfer.


Is Golem promising for investment?

Currently the world is evolving at a rate where the technological opportunities is higher than the rate at which the human race is adapting to it. The software is leading the hardware capacity. Software programs that are being built to make life easier, better and more entertaining are developed at such an efficiency that the hardware systems are not being effective or sufficient enough.

Golem provides the means to bridge the distance between software and hardware making sure the needs of the users are met without any disruption or any third-party involvement by providing a direct peer-peer connection.

The opportunities that lie for golem in the fields of information technology or data centres or artificial intelligence or machine learning, etc. is huge as all these works require huge computational power and golem provides the platform to satisfy this need without any huge expense from the user’s pocket and also simultaneously allowing the lender to make money out of their unused or idle systems.

Currently the gap between software and hardware are being met but at a very slow rate thus making the work completion delay too for the users. In the future if there is no solution to bridge this gap faster, it would result in increase of the gap making all software programs not reaching their full potential thus increasing the latency time of human race to reach their full potential in evolving their skills too. If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in technological platform that makes life faster for the better and more entertaining, I would say investing in golem is the smart choice to invest for a better future.


Note: All cryptocurrency investments are very risky and this article does not provide, in an form, an investment advise. It is solely the opinion of the writer and you are required to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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