Once Youtube’s biggest beauty star, then vanished. Now believes bitcoin is the future.

Former YouTube beauty star Michelle Phan has been investing in cryptocurrencies from the last few years. Phan had stopped making her beauty vlogs back in 2015. People even speculated about her death when she did not post anything for two long years.


One of Youtube’s leading beauty star Michelle Phan, who is also credited for kicking off the “influencer” trend had stopped making vlogs in 2015 and disappeared. Many had speculated about her death. But two years later, she came back and posted a video on why she had stopped making youtube videos. In a recent interview with The Cut, she explained that she went through the “existential” crisis.

According to the report, from the past few years, Phan has been busy promoting and investing in cryptocurrencies. She is a firm believer that bitcoin is the future. She is an investor in Quarters, a cryptocurrency gaming company whose CEO is a 12-year-old boy. She has also appeared on various podcasts about bitcoin. Phan also co-hosted a podcast that featured US Presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who also supports crypto and blockchain businesses. 

Michelle Phan believes that investing in cryptocurrency is the most important investment one can make today. When asked about the mainstream adoption and use of bitcoin, she said that it would grow as the internet did. She explained that when the internet was new, only a few people used to have it and there were internet cafes, but now everyone accesses it through the phone. 

Phan believes that for the time in history with the help of bitcoin, we can be our own bank. Last year, she tweeted that ten years ago, people ridiculed her for leaving her job and pursuing a career as a YouTuber, and years later, people ridiculed her for investing in BTC and ETH. She added that she likes having the last laugh. 

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