YouTube removes many crypto-related videos without any warning.

The world's largest video sharing platform clamped down on crypto-related videos. The platform removed several videos about cryptocurrencies without giving any warning to creators.

Google-owned, YouTube is facing a lot of criticism for removing cryptocurrency-related videos from its platform. YouTube cited that these videos violated their guidelines of “harmful or dangerous content” and “sale of regulated goods.”


YouTube takes down Chris Dunn’s videos.

Well-known Youtuber in the crypto community, Chris Dunn, tweeted that the video sharing platform took most of his videos down citing “harmful or dangerous content” and “sale of regulated goods.” Chris has been making crypto-related videos from the last ten years and has over 200,000 subscribers with over seven million views. Node Investor also tweeted that one of his videos that he posted two-years ago was removed from the platform.


Crypto community responds

Omar Bham, crypto Youtuber who has 119,000 subscribers, warned his followers to follow him on alternate platforms as YouTube might delete his channel or remove most of his videos. The sudden attack on crypto-related videos by Google is quite absurd. The video-sharing platform has labeled all videos that it took down as “harmful,” which is unfathomable. Because of this clampdown, several content creators are already moving to different platforms.

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